Basic necessities on family's wish list


POSTED: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fancy Flaisek, a homeless Micronesian immigrant to Hawaii, had to leave the state for three weeks to help his father, who suffered a stroke on the mainland. When he returned, his job with a car rental agency was put on hold because of the economic slump.

  ;  His wife, Beatrice, has a full-time job, but she is debilitated by diabetes and sometimes is too sick to work. She needs to start dialysis treatment soon but is afraid her job attendance will suffer.

In spite of the bleakness, the family still manages to be happy with what they have: “;a roof over our heads”; at the Weinberg Village Waimanalo transitional shelter, she said.

The couple cannot imagine being able to give their two children what they want for Christmas, so they are hoping the Community Clearinghouse's Adopt-a-Family program can provide. Every year, the Star-Bulletin's Good Neighbor Fund collects donations for the program.

Fancy Flaisek said the shelter's social and educational programs “;are really helping us,”; especially with financial planning to qualify for their own home. They are allowed to stay at Weinberg Village for two years. “;I'm worried; we only have one year left,”; he said.

Beatrice Flaisek speaks halting English but has improved since she and her cousin Merry Desen started living at Weinberg. They were required to take an English-speaking course, which would help improve their ability as wage earners. Desen, who spoke no English at all at first, is now fluent and contributes to household expenses, Fancy Flaisek said.

In the meantime he is looking every day for any kind of job.

Fancy Flaisek said clothes, food, an ukulele for his 13-year-old daughter and toys for his 5-year-old son are on their wish list.






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Ronald C.L. Pang$200
Kenneth & Julie Yoneda$150
Dr. Melvin Inamasu
& Noreen K. Inamasu$100
John & Jeanette Hoag$50
Ronica L.M.Chang$50
James & Harriet Yoshida $50
Donna Fumiye Fukuroku$35
Carol Aramaki$30
Eleanor Kunihiro $30
John & Karen Donlon$25
Lillian H. Kim$25
L. & C. Medeiros$25
Paul I. Oshiro
& Jo-Anne A. Oshiro$25
A. Paresa$25
Dorothy Sumida $25
Ken & Mary Tanaka $25
Walter & Jenny Arimoto$20
Lowell & Charlotte Cambra $20
Allan & Jean Chun$20
Susan K. Kamalani
& Lahela Kamalani-Moe$20
Florence T. & Earl J. Kim $20
Moses & Jean Kim$20
Marilyn Misue Kobata $20
Tsuyuko Kurashige$20
Faye C.H. Lee $20
Sharon Okubo$20
Milton & Jean Sumimoto$20
Raymond & Glorianne Young$20
Irwin W.C. Thom Jr.
& Gladys L. Thom$15
Yasumi & Miyeko S. Omatsu $15
Marilyn J. Smith$15
Edgar & Judith R. Bolton$15
George I. & Alma M. Nagao$10
Norma & Robert Harrison$10
Jitsuo & Bernice S. Ushiroda$10
William W. Lee, Jr.$10
Marcelle M. Mau $10
Mary K. Sullivan $10
Charlotte N. Yamada$10
Blanche N.
& Alan N. Kaneshiro$10
Beatrice I. McWiggins$10
Karen N. Muronaga$10
Stanley K. & Grace Teruya$10
Florence M. Mayes $10
Sandra Miyashiro $10
Elizabeth O. Antone$10
Carol E. Silva $10
Charles & Fannie Yoshida $10
J. & W. Kurowski $10
Stella H. Wong$10
Greta Y. Tengan $10
Tamiko Yamashita $10
Verna M. Rabacal
& Sherri H. Koide$10
Patricia Chun Franco $10
James D. & Carolyn L. Hilton$10
Laura S. Nagamine $10
Kay T. Kudo $10
Carol C. Tomioka $10
Jean Takemoto$7
Shiji & Helen Yoneshige $5
Rosemary Hofer $5
Tim & Deborah Lee Dobbins $5
D.I. Horen & J.T. Koga-Horen$5
Clyde & Harriet Watanabe $5
Sharon F. Albus-Kimura $5
Diane Nishiguchi $5
M.E. & A.T. Watanabe $5
Dawn K. Minnick $5
Hilda H. Toshi $5
Fumiko & Mark K. Shimoda $5
Ruby Fukuyama $5
Ellen S. Yamane $5
K.E. Fitzsimmons Kelly$5
Jill Mari Kuroda
& Dale Y. Kuroda $5
William Y. & Elaine Y. Kishida$5
Gail S. Murakami $5
Mary Louise Toyama $5
Hamlin M. & Thelma T. Masuda$5
B.J. Sherry $5
Douglas & Carol N. Kumataka$5
Lois T. & Jeffrey S. Inouye $5
Alice N. & Emil D. Bruner $5
Cynthia Perry $5
Norman K. Asato $5
Harold H. & Dianne M. Okumura$5
Hen Min Hiu & Arlene Y. Hiu $5
Victoria K. & Clyde T. Abe $5
Susan Andrade $5
Edith Hasegawa$5
Robert & Doris Kawasaki$5
Myrna K.L. Asing
& David D.W. Asing$5
Margaret K. Oshiro $5
Joyce Y. Azama $5
J. & B. Yoshimoto $5
Gwendolyn C. Chong$5
Gladys M. Kaeo $5
J. Eugene & Sheila A. Conroy$5
Toshio & Kiyomi Kunishige $5
Alice M. & Mark H. Fukunaga$5
Kay O. & Wilfre H. Ideue $5
Priscilla Carvalho $5
Nora E. Rico $5
G.H. Yamanaka $5
Don M. & Linda M. Hamada $5
Paul S. & Takiko Miyake $5
Janice A. Shintaku $5
Grace A. Gusman $5
Jon & Rose M. Christensen $5
S.S. & I.M. Kawamoto $5
Karen E. San Juan $5
Jon Hironaga
& Kristie Fujimoto$5
Lillian S.L. Tyau$5
Mary H. Arakawa $5
Katherine T. Kon $5
Donna Kam Burkeen $5
Robert Matsukawa $5
K. Shiroma-Onaga $5
Jolene R. Chang $5
& Akiyo Nakagawa$5
Bonny L.
& James Jr. Kahalewai$5
Herman & Eileen Shiraishi $5
M.M. & F.J. Fujikawa $5
Harry H. & Irene H. Toyomura$5
Dorothy Oho $5
Edwin & Charlotte Oshiro $5
Ivanelle H. & Ying Fay Chan $5
Frances Lorraine $5
Charlene R. Luis $5
Roy M. & Shirley S. Naito $5
& Betty Yanagawa $5
& Janis Fujimoto $5
Yuko Mataele $5
G.K. & G.T. Kobayashi $5
Lois Sunada $5
Young Lyn Chun $5
J.L.W. Kadomoto $5
J.M. Fujita $5
Kathleen K. Fukushima $5
Tad A. Kato $5
Kelly O'Neill $5
Barbara & Lowell Tom $5
Gene & Phylis Takahashi $5
Rachel C. Akamine $5
Gwen Aihara
& David Hirasuna$5
Vincent & Alison Ritson $5
Anonymous $160



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