‘Sheer enjoyment'


POSTED: Monday, November 17, 2008

Like so many of his generation, Milton Hee is consumed with the responsibilities of caring for his elder family members. For a few years prior, Hee had been taking care of his late mother; now he is doing the same for his father and aunt. The experience, needless to say, is overwhelming.

“;The thing about caregiving is that you're going through a lot of things that are almost more traumatic than what the person you're caring for goes through,”; Hee said. “;When you're dealing with another person's personal life, you must become them. You must put yourself in their shoes, figure out what's best for them. It's hard for others to really understand, but other caregivers will recognize what I'm talking about.”;

Besides his familial obligations, Hee also runs a computer consulting business, so he's got precious little time for himself—which makes the three or five times a year he goes out to take photographs all the more special.

“;When I go out with my photo club, there's sheer enjoyment. If I take a picture of a tree or a wave or something, I see the beauty and it refreshes me,”; he says. “;It's relaxing. It offers me a different way of looking at the world.”;