Students uphold queen's legacy


POSTED: Monday, November 03, 2008

Since Queen Emma's vision of a school for Hawaii's women became a reality in 1867, St. Andrew's Priory has been educating its students to be respectful, resourceful, and responsible women of the future. Priding itself on its intimate class sizes, technology integrated learning, bright students, and unique traditions, the Priory's 141 years of excellence is nothing short of amazing.






Ke Kukui


Faculty adviser
Stephanie Osika


Emily Latimer


224 Queen Emma Square
Honolulu, HI 96813






Sandra Theunick






By women, for women

Upper School Director Ann Young says she loves “;nurturing (Priory's) special breed of bright, kind, inclusive, respectful and thoughtful students to be who God wanted them to be without social expectations from guys or worrying about how they look.”; The Priory strongly believes in the power of an all-girls' education and its ability to help students be the best that they can be. By encouraging students to be independent, strong, and unique, the Priory has never failed to produce strong leaders of tomorrow. With 100 percent college admittance, students are challenged to strive for the highest in everything they do. They are given the opportunities to be who they want to be and are supported in all that they do by the loving teachers, faculty and staff who make up the Priory ohana. Students form friendships for life in their small and interactive classes that provide support, acceptance, and love for each and every unique individual.


Mind, body and heart

The Priory truly cares about educating all aspects of its students. Along with the outstanding education the Priory provides, the school encourages spiritual growth in keeping with the vision of Queen Emma. Students attend weekly chapel services in the beautiful St. Andrew's Cathedral. These services mix traditional Episcopalian values and music with sermons and lessons appealing to students.



The Priory campus is wireless. Every student from grades 5 through 12 is required to have a laptop. All teachers create and update Web pages to keep students and parents aware of assignments and projects. The Priory also has a weekly updated portal for students, parents, and teachers. Students are involved by producing videos for the online Student Portal. One example is the new lower school students' “;Eye on the Priory,”; a weekly video featuring students discussing important issues like voting and community service. Also new this year is the online newspaper, “;Ke Kukui,”; featuring Priory news, world news, entertainment, editorials, opinions and sports.

The Priory is unique in many ways. Its small class sizes, strong student and teacher relationships, and exceptional students help build a community unlike any other. By providing a college-preparatory, all-girls environment, the Priory helps its students to become the best that they can be and stays true to Queen Emma's vision of educating girls to be the women of tomorrow.