Letters to the Editor


POSTED: Monday, October 27, 2008

Vacation rental foes show stamina

I wish to congratulate all of those who gave heartfelt testimony to the City Council in opposition to Bill 6, CD1 that would permit tourist rentals in all residential areas. More than 50 selfless folks stepped up and spoke on behalf of protecting their neighborhoods from the proliferation of tourist rentals. None of these testifiers had anything to gain but the satisfaction that they tried to show Council members how spot zoning in residential neighborhoods will destroy the very essence of a residential neighborhood.

It was a foregone conclusion that Bill 6 would pass on second reading and be returned to Councilman Rod Tam's Zoning Committee for “;further discussion.”;

Striking to me was the apparent lack of interest displayed by a number of the Council members. It seemed to clearly indicate the way the vote would go. I thank Councilman Donovan Dela Cruz for voting unequivocally, “;no.”;

Facing well-financed and motivated proponents of the legalization of transit vacation rentals and so-called bed and breakfasts, it was a heroic effort by the folks who gave it their all. Kudos and keep up the good work until this ill-conceived bill is defeated.

Leigh Prentiss

Don’t let the GOP keep you silent

I am seriously concerned about the real voter fraud taking place right now. While the mainstream media focus our attention on Acorn and other non-issues, the real voter fraud taking place in many states across our formerly great nation, mainly swing states, is that voter registration rolls are being purged of legitimate voters, particularly young, first-time voters, African-Americans and seniors; 75 percent of these voters being removed from the roster are Democrats. For many first-time voters, showing up to vote only to be told that they can't might just be discouraging enough to keep them from even trying next time. We are supposed to be better than this!

Why are our officials allowing this to happen? Why are more citizens not outraged by this hijacking of our democracy?

No state should have just one person (of either party!) in total control of who is allowed to vote or which votes are counted. This absolutely must be addressed, and fixed—now! Otherwise, all we're going to get is one more fake election and another fake president.

Rhonda Sands
Haiku, Maui

Money motivates lawsuit against schools

We note that attorney David Rosen has managed to unearth four more non-Hawaiians as candidates for a new discrimination suit against Kamehameha Schools.

Life experience teaches us that pursuit of money is a great motivator, and further that money-grubbing is particularly honed to a fine art as a lawyer's professional imperative. A certain envy of Eric Grant's settlement of $7 million in the recent John Doe case might lead an attorney to actively solicit very bright non-Hawaiian students and their families to participate in a discrimination lawsuit against the Kamehameha Schools, motivated by the inducement and expectation of several million dollars paid out to each. Could this be Rosen's gig?

We don't necessarily see that any of these potential students have any desire to attend Kamehameha; they only need seek reward for their exclusion. If this be the case, then these students will have learned a very important life lesson; their scruples are easily purchased with the devalued coin of their ethics. This realization will no doubt propel them toward legal careers.

Bob & Paulette Moore
Kamehameha Schools 1953, 1952
Pearl City

Contentious times aren’t good for Con Con

There may be good reasons to hold a Constitutional Convention, but is this a good time?

Creating a document with such important implications for the future requires objective thinking and unbiased decision-making. In the present contentious and toxic climate, both on the national and local level, are those qualities possible? Think about it.

Shirley Tong Parola

Who gains if rail system is built?

To analyze local political events recently, use the “;follow the money and power”; system. For example, the mayor gains power and campaign money if he wins. But he loses no personal wealth if he's unsuccessful. He even gets to keep campaign donations if he's not re-elected!

Contrast that with Stop Rail Now's Cliff Slater (a board member of The Grassroot Institute) who has nothing to gain in power or money and is pouring vast amounts of time and effort into stopping rail. Win or lose, he suffers personal loss, as does his family. Which one has more credibility? If Mufi would pledge $100,000 of his retirement funds to the city if his plan fails to deliver as promised, he might be more credible.

Then there's Dale Evans of Charley's Taxi (also a Grassroot Institute board member) who devotes enormous energy and money to fighting the rail idea. Yet taxi companies would actually gain customers with rail. Using rail decreases personal flexibility. If one rides rail to work and an unexpected important meeting is called across town, a taxi will likely be called. Bad weather at the end of the workday? Call a cab! Yet Evans fights rail and gains nothing in dollars or prestige.

Is it possible that Slater and Evans are more attuned to the real desires of citizens than the mayor? You sure can't say they have any personal financial gain in their efforts.

Richard O Rowland
President Emeritus
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Do you want traffic to move? Vote Mufi

Are you stuck in the nation's worst traffic? Then vote for Mufi for mayor. If you want to stay stuck in the nation's worst traffic, then vote for Panos ... er, Ben ... er, Ann.

Van Tomokiyo

Signs should be clear about mo-ped parking

Being a mo-ped owner/rider in Waikiki, I have to agree on the parking problems we face (Letters, Oct. 6). I have searched diligently for a legal answer to this problem both in the written law and openly asking members of the police force. There is no clear answer to be found.

I notice most of the racks that look like a bicycle have a decal on them saying “;for bicycles only.”; However, the ones with a post and two half-moons have no decals. Are they for mo-peds? No one knows.

Then again a lot of mo-peds are secured to the “;bicycle only”; racks and are not ticketed, at least at the time I was looking. I found that it is left to the discretion of the individual officer in most cases. Does that mean if they have a bad day they give a ticket? If they are in a good mood, no ticket?

A lot of opinions are floating around, and I would like someone to quote a law defining the parking laws regarding mo-peds. It is a growing problem with the increased use of mo-peds, and I am sure all users would like a clarification. If nothing else, please advise us as to where exactly one goes to get the answers.

Bruce E. Strand