Eloquent expression


POSTED: Monday, October 27, 2008

Even when it's for greener pastures, it's sad when friends move on, and Hawaii will be less artistically rich after Linda von Geldern's upcoming relocation to Oregon. The longtime artist, art teacher and photographer is selling her home, then she's off to make a brand-new start where her daughters have settled.

Von Geldern most recently ran the Balcony Gallery in Kailua, a venue that showcased local fine art and occasionally presented shows featuring artists from other parts of the world. When it shut its doors earlier this year, von Geldern decided it was time to consider life beyond these shores.

Today we showcase some of the artist's fine photography, which von Geldern says “;compliments, inspires and enriches my work in other medium, i.e., painting, printmaking and fiber work.”;

She says she's excited by the immediacy of digital photography, but, “;In the end, the equipment is secondary to the act of shooting: When the subject is compelling, or in catching the transcendent moment when the light hits perfectly.

“;The evocative nature of photography touches something indefinable in me, allowing for a more eloquent means of expression, for making visual metaphors for varying states of consciousness,”; she says.

Von Geldern's work here is a collection of architectural still lifes, something she says she's always be drawn to. “;There's something intimate and personal to me about these vignettes,”; she says.