Letters to the Editor


POSTED: Saturday, October 18, 2008

Remarks will come back to haunt Lingle

Gov. Linda Lingle is an intelligent and articulate leader. And, if compared to Gov. Sarah Palin, Lingle is clearly a political class above the current vice-presidential nominee.

However, Lingle's decision to dismiss Sen. Barack Obama as being a product of Hawaii while campaigning in Colorado for Sen. John McCain is something that should come back to haunt her political career. U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono said it best with her quote, “;Hawaii shaped the life of Obama, and our nation will be better for it.”;

I hope that other Obama supporters remember our governor's comments when she seeks her next political office. Having a national leader with Hawaii values is far more important to our country than the career of our governor.

Jim Wolfe


Obama's election will endanger America

I am writing in response to Nancy Thomas' letter on Friday. Nancy, I'm sorry to hear that you are tired of hearing John McCain whine—I am tired of listening to Barack Obama lie! You say that you want someone positive as our next president? Obama is notoriously radical in his views and if you read his autobiography “;Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”; you will see the real Barack Obama. This book was written prior to his political career so it gives you a glimpse into who he really is. That glimpse is scary. I want my president to be proud of our country and love it unconditionally, even with all of our shortcomings. Obama is hiding behind the economic problem right now—he knows he can't defend his true agenda to the American people. I know the economy is hurting, but I for one would rather tighten my belt than be fearful of another terrorist attack. I have two small children and I don't want them growing up constantly looking over their shoulders.

Jessica Acfalle


Don't be mad at PETA for exposing cruelty

This is in response to “;PETA plays hardball with Victorino over Spam”; (Star-Bulletin, Oct. 15). As someone who has grown up on these islands, I consider myself a “;local”; and heavily exposed to the island-favorite dish, the Spam musubi. Face it, we see Spam everywhere—in sushi stores, lined up on the shelves of virtually every grocery store and even in a couple of McDonald's dishes. PETA wasn't trying to cause rage and frustration over this local favorite, but rather trying to raise awareness about the cruelty involved to produce it.

PETA conducted a undercover investigation at a Hormel supplier plant (the company that produces Spam) and discovered appalling acts of cruelty that would force anyone to look at that slab of Spam differently. Investigators found workers castrating baby piglets without anesthetic, brutally striking sows with metal rods and even spraying toxic chemicals into animals' eyes (see the video at www.peta.org). It's extremely disheartening that we turn a blind eye to this cruelty just for our tastebuds. Enjoy your Spam—but don't be ignorant toward what went into producing it.

Alvin Park


Veterans deserve a chance for education

I was just amazed the other day to discover that Sen. John McCain had opposed passage of the GI Bill for our veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, which would have given them further education in our colleges and universities. Sen. Barack Obama said the GI Bill would greatly improve opportunities for veterans.

My family was able to get undergraduate as well as graduate degrees with the support of the GI Bill after serving in World War II. We were very grateful.

What veterans have endured and the terrible injuries so many of them have sustained to keep us safe more than entitles them to a college education.

Lois Faison Cope


'EZway' isn't a viable rail alternative

Today I will return my “;Ann Kobayashi For Mayor”; yard sign. I had hoped she would stand for a meaningful alternative to steel rail.

Ann, you told me at a campaign appearance that you would not let a “;no”; vote on rail transit turn the project into just another highway-widening project, yet that is exactly what you are proposing with EZway.

By building three new lanes of traffic into town you will bring thousands more vehicles into the crowded streets of downtown, Waikiki and Manoa. Your plan does not address what will happen to all of these additional cars in town.

Rather than promote energy efficiency and better land use, your plan will just encourage more drivers to bring their cars into town and encourage developers to convert more precious land into parking lots. The plan's so-called restrictions, on numbers of riders per vehicle and miles per gallon, are meaningless and unenforceable. It's just another elevated freeway.

Neal Lebsack