Witch crafts


POSTED: Friday, October 10, 2008

We may not have fall foliage and crisp autumn air in the islands, but glowing pumpkins and creepy scarecrows will take up residence on doorsteps over the next couple of weeks nonetheless.

Autumn enchantment can be added to any home or holiday party for Halloween through decorations and fall crafts. Creating unique theme items may be much easier than you think. And affordable, too.

Head to a local craft store for ideas, or to pick up a list of free demonstrations, classes and workshops planned for the holiday season. This month, featured store demonstrations include Halloween cards, treat pails and pots, festive pins and party favors.

Many projects can be made for a couple of dollars using some foam, felt, glue and google eyes.

“;We are coming back to using recycled things ... items that are good for a green environment,”; said Gloria Arias, craft coordinator at the Pearl City Ben Franklin Crafts store.

For example, the 4-ounce jar needed to make the “;little ghost treat jar”; may be replaced with old baby food jars or bottles, she explained. More affordable materials may be used in other instances, as well. For example, some people replace cheesecloth with tissue when making ghosts, she added.

“;We are just trying to inspire people,”; said Arias. “;Crafters really need to think outside the box.”;

» Crafty classes.


Witchy Chime

1 10-by-2-1/2-inch piece orange felt
1 3-inch clay pot
1 10-inch strand of 1/8-wide orange satin ribbon
1 1-inch gold bell
1 3-by-3-inch sheet black foam
1 3-by-4-inch sheet black foam
Black yarn for hair
1 1-1/2-inch wooden knob
1 5-inch strand black grosgrain ribbon

Hot glue gun
Black Sharpie or Paint

  Body: Wrap orange felt around clay pot. Glue to secure. On one end of orange ribbon, tie bell. Feed other end of ribbon through hole in clay pot so that bell is inside pot. Wide part of pot is base; smaller part of pot is top. Glue ribbon at top of pot so bell just shows at bottom. Bell should hang freely and hit inside of pot to create chiming sound. Trim excess ribbon.

Hat: Cut a 2-1/2-inch circle in smaller piece of black foam to create hat base. Take the other piece of foam and form into cone by gluing a 3-inch side to a 4-inch side. Trim excess foam. Glue cone to center of foam circle.

Head: Glue strands of yarn to top of wooden knob to create hair. Glue hat to knob so that hair falls to side and back. Draw eyes and a squiggly mouth with marker or black paint.

Finishing: Glue flat side of wood knob to top (smaller part) of body. This should cover ribbon holding bell. Tie grosgrain ribbon around neck. Embellish hat and dress with cat, bat or spider stickers.


Frankenstein Treat Box

1 Accucut Chinese take-out box die (see note)
1 green cardstock (see note)
2 15 mm moving eyes
1 3/4-by-12-inch piece back cardstock

Double-stick tape
Black Sharpie marker

  Using the Accucut die, cut a take-out box out of the green cardstock. Assemble box using double-stick tape.

Along the length of the black cardstock, make diagonal cuts to create a “;grass”; look—this creates Frankie's hair. Using double-stick tape, attach “;hair”; along top of take-out box.

On the front of the box, glue the eyes. Using marker to draw a squiggly line to create the mouth and make “;stitches”; on the side of the face.

Fill with goodies.

Note: Ready-made take-out boxes can be used as well. These can be colored with green pens or crayons.