VA seeks home care options


POSTED: Sunday, September 28, 2008

Question: Is the Department of Veterans Affairs' new long-term care program called Medical Foster Home available in Hawaii?

Answer: The VA is seeking potential caregivers for this program. Under the program, a caregiver lives in the home and provides 24-hour personal care and supervision to residents. The home can be owned or rented by the caregiver. The home is limited to three or fewer residents (veterans and nonveterans) receiving care. The veteran living in the home pays for his stay in the home using his own funds but receives health care from the VA.

The first foster home program was started in Little Rock, Ark., in 1999 followed by sites in Tampa, Fla., and San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2008, Congress granted funds for 33 additional sites, including Honolulu. The program is presently being developed on Oahu but will expand to neighbor islands and eventually Guam and American Samoa. For additional information, contact Rosemary Naa, program coordinator at 433-0224.

Q: What is a noncompensable disability?

A: It is one which the VA has determined is service-connected, but has assigned a disability rating for that condition which is less than 10 percent. No compensation is payable for such a disability by itself. However, veterans are entitled to medical care at the VA Medical Center for any service connected condition. For additional information call the VA at (800) 827-1000 or the VA Medical Center at 433-0600.

If you have questions about your benefits as a veteran, call Fred Ballard at the Department of Veterans Affairs at 433-0049.