Kaiulani surfed while studying in England


POSTED: Saturday, September 27, 2008

This one's for you, Malika Dudley, and for other outstanding wahine surfers. Princess Kaiulani, whose birthday is coming up Oct. 16, loved surfing and introduced the sport to Europe when she was studying in England in the early 1890s, according to Kristin Zambucka, who has written three books on the princess.

Princess Kaiulani
Malika Dudley

Kaiulani, who was born in 1875, surfed in English Channel waters at Brighton resort. Kristin reports that according to documents at the British Surfing Museum in Brighton, “;The tall foreign dignitary stood erect on a thin board with her hair blowing in the wind and rode the chilly waters.”; After learning of the princess surfing, some of the nobility of Europe were soon giving it a go, Kristin said. When the princess returned home in 1897, she surfed regularly at Waikiki, Kristen added. Her 7 1/2-foot board is in the Bishop Museum. KGMB weather princess Malika, an athletic former Miss Hawaii, is sometimes shown on the station's news programs as she rips through the surf on her board, occasionally even doing acrobatics ...

SURFING ON: Mark Norfleet, grandson of Kahala founder Nat Norfleet and a member of the sales team at Kahala sportswear, blew the conch shell to get the reading of Marion Lyman-Mersereau's book “;Eddie Wen' Go: The Story of the Upside-Down Canoe”; started at the store last Saturday. Surfers and other water men and women were among those attending the reading by Marion, assisted by Mel Kinney, Kaau McKenney and Tai Crouch. All crewed on the Hokulea, as the late master surfer Eddie Aikau did ...

A film clip of fitness instructor Gilad Janklowicz doing aerobics, flanked by two beauties on the beach with Diamond Head in the background, pops up in the dark comedy “;Burn After Reading.”; The picture stars George Clooney, Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt, who's a riot as a bungling and more than a little nutty fitness instructor ... And hasn't this been a column full of sporty items? Here comes another ...

Jin de Silva, a longtime Doris Duke employee at her Shangri La estate, has a massive collection of Olympic memorabilia from games past and present. He will display some of his collection in the Splendor of China Cultural Festival at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall Oct. 4 and 5. Some of the items to be displayed are pieces involving Olympians Duke Kahanamoku and Jesse Owens. His latest treasure is a Beijing Olympics decathlon ticket signed by Bryan Clay. Jin almost made the 1948 Olympics himself, representing India in the 400-meter hurdles. He was hired by Duke thanks to his sister, Kusuma Cooray, who was chef for the wealthy heiress ...