Hawaii ranks second in use of porn sites on Internet


POSTED: Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hawaii is second only to Utah in the number of people per capita paying for porn online, a study found.

The study by a Harvard Business School professor found 1.37 residents per thousand people in Hawaii subscribed to adult entertainment Web sites. That compares to 1.69 residents per thousand people in Utah and 0.5 per thousand in West Virginia, the state with the lowest per capita online porn consumption.

Hawaii was also second per capita among home Internet users, with 2.19 subscriptions per 1,000 home Internet users. The state ranked fourth below Utah, Alaska and Mississippi for porn subscriptions among broadband users, with 3.61 subscriptions per 1,000 broadband users.

Benjamin Edelman, the author of the study, says online porn usage tends to be higher among young people, urban residents, those with higher incomes, those with a college education and people who are divorced.

Marriage is apparently bad for the online porn business. A 1 percent increase in marriage rates in an area is associated with a 0.65 percent decrease in porn subscriptions.