Child molester gets 10-year term


POSTED: Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A state judge sentenced a convicted child molester yesterday to 10 years in prison for molesting another juvenile and for lying on the state sex offender registry about where he was living.

Anthony Mardonada had already served two consecutive five-year prison terms for molesting a girl on Kauai when he molested another girl on Oahu in October 2007.

He pleaded guilty last August to third-degree sexual assault involving his girlfriend's 7-year-old cousin and for failing to comply with the state's sex offender registry requirements for indicating he was homeless when he was actually living with his girlfriend's family. Each charge is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Deputy Prosecutor Thalia Murphy asked state Circuit Judge Michael Town to run the terms back to back to protect the children of the community from Mardonada.

“;For every day that he's locked up, he's not molesting another child,”; Murphy said.

She says the girl has a fear of the dark, exhibits clinging behavior, has nightmares and flashbacks, and experiences guilt and shame because Mardonada assaulted her.

The girl's father says his daughter is withdrawn and shies away from his friends and co-workers.

“;She's afraid of (Mardonada). She's told me that repeatedly,”; the father said.

Mardonada faced the girl's family in court yesterday and apologized for what he did.

“;You guys were kind to me. During my stay with you guys, I stayed drug free. I never got into trouble besides this. I'm so sorry there's nothing I can do to fix this,”; Mardonada said.

His lawyer, David Bettencourt, said the state failed Mardonada because when he was released from prison, officials told him he needed to continue sex offender treatment but would have to pay for it himself.

Murphy said Mardonada had all the tools to avoid sexually assaulting another child; he just chose not to use them. She said he completed sex offender treatment in prison and underwent 48 follow-up sessions before he was released after completing his previous full 10-year prison term.