By Dave Donnelly

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Seaside party
this weekend

Mug shot S HE was 20 when she arrived in Hawaii and she's been here now for 100 years. No, this isn't the world's oldest woman -- it's the Falls of Clyde. To celebrate the tall ship's 120th birthday (as well as her centennial in Hawaii) Matson and the Hawaii Maritime Center are throwing a celebration this weekend. The two-day event, free for Hawaii residents, will feature tours of the ship, storytelling, old-time cargo handling demonstrations by Capt. Dick Lawrence, harbor tours by Capt. Dave Lyman, kids' nautical tattoos (removable), sea chanteys and more ...

SPEAKING of ships, Vice Adm. (retired) Bob Kihune, president of the USS Missouri Memorial Association, shared a story with a group of public relations execs recently. He'd received a call from a record company asking if Cher could film a video on board the Missouri. Thinking it would have good P.R. value, Kihune gave them the green light. Some time later he got a call at his Pentagon office from his wife saying how, when channel-surfing, she saw Cher on MTV, wearing a skimpy outfit and sliding down the barrel of one of the Missouri's big guns. He merely shrugged that it was nice exposure to show off the ship to the "MTV Generation." ...

Oh, you kids

ONCE again the holiday card from the Placourakis clan reenforces my contention that this is certainly one of the handsomest families in the state. It features restaurateur Aaron Placourakis and his wife, former beauty queen Tina, and their three gorgeous children, Lexi, Jesse and Gabriella in a series of poses ... And if you want to see some really gorgeous multiracial kids (as well as pick up an excellent Christmas gift) check out C. Richard Fassler's "Rainbow Kids." It features 108 kids of Hawaii and lists their ethnicity. The handsome book (White Tiger Press) is subtitled, "Hawaii's Gift to America," and includes a foreword by entertainer Frank DeLima, including a photo of this handsome young devil in the eighth grade. It's on sale in book stores now ...

I'M still shaking my head over what was practically the opening line in Gov. Ben Cayetano's inaugural address. He said, "To those who did not support me in the election, I welcome your wisdom." Is he saying those who didn't vote for him were bright? ... Ron Jacobs of KCCN had read about "brain gum," which supposedly made one smarter, though anyone who'd spend $60 for a week's supply is beyond hope in my book. He'd contacted the inventor of the product on the mainland and arranged to interview him on his radio show yesterday. Came the time for the interview and the man hadn't called. Jacobs had a helper reach the guy and would you believe -- he'd forgotten all about it. Maybe he forgot to chew ...


LONGTIME isle resident Charlie Lewis, who'd been living in Southern California of late, has lost his long battle with cancer. Most of his family still lives here and his widow, ex-Press Club manager Elva Johnson, plans to move back in April. At that time she'll bring his ashes and a memorial service will be held April 7, with his ashes scattered at sea as was his wish ... My sister Dorothy's Christmas message to friends tells about the death in October of her husband (my brother-in-law), who'd been crippled by Parkinson's Disease for years. She expressed relief that his long illness is over. Speaking of her daughter she wrote, "I am comforted by the words that 4-year-old Laura said years ago when my father died" -- "Now he can walk straight again." ...

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