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Monday, November 16, 1998


Nobody is listening to the 'wake-up call'

I was surprised to find that our governor had taken a trip to wonderland so soon after his re-election. No one would have missed him had he not issued a news release from there -- stating he would do all in his power to help business, as long as it didn't hurt the "working man."

Even Alice knows that without business (employers), there can be no "working man."

The "wake-up call" heard by the governor was obviously cut off on the second ring by loyal supporters of the status quo.

Bob Parker

Lingle's loss shattered last hope for Hawaii

Upon watching the agonizing defeat of Linda Lingle, I was left distraught and deeply dispirited. How could we have failed to capitalize on such a golden opportunity to usher in dynamic, ingenious leadership for a floundering state economy?

I remain thoroughly perplexed and disconcerted in trying to answer this rudimentary question.

The disheartening results of the Republican Party's gubernatorial and congressional elections prove that Hawaii will forever be impervious to meaningful change, regardless of how acutely anemic our economy is.

Sadly, our shadow democracy in this People's Republic of Hawaii has reached the saturation point of defeatism and despair.

As a lifetime 23-year Oahu resident, moving away from these beloved islands is becoming an increasingly financial reality.

Lingle provided this kamaaina with the last real reason to stay.

Mark Gerum

Rodrigues has double standard about contracts

Congratulations to David Shapiro for "taking on" Gary Rodrigues (Volcanic Ash, Nov. 7). In addition to Rodrigues' sexual harassment and log cabin indiscretions, let me tell you about the United Public Workers union's private-sector contracts.

My mother, a resident at Pohai Nani Lutheran Retirement Home, received a letter on UPW letterhead. It attacked the home's administrator and asked residents to support the UPW in organizing the employees there. The employees later rejected the union's attempt.

During Rodrigues' debate with Cliff Slater on privatization, I asked him why he refused to allow private firms to compete for state contracts, when the UPW was attempting to organize Pohai Nani. He slurred a whispered answer. Then I asked him if there were any other UPW private-sector contracts. Rodrigues admitted that the UPW has eight active contracts in the private sector.

I am furious!

Does Rodrigues think laws, ethics and morals apply only to us peons and not to him? Sexual harassment, log cabins and now private-sector contracts.

If Gary Rodrigues wants to take on the Star-Bulletin, he can take me on, too! My address is in the white pages.

Jay Bauckham

High costs make Hawaii like Third World country

The price of paradise is commonly used to explain away the high cost of living in Hawaii. But the cost of living was an issue addressed in the recent elections.

In fact, the high cost is like that of Hawaii being a Third World country, whose currency has been devalued 30 percent against the American dollar in the stubborn recession.

Recent efforts to improve our economic climate here have been piecemeal, e.g. a task force on personal income tax and an attorney general investigating gasoline prices. There is no major relief in sight.

State and local governments need to focus on reducing our cost of living as a general objective, beginning with basics like water, food and shelter first. Only then would it be possible for our paradise to escape becoming a Third World country.

Ivan L. Kam

Henry Peters should be embarrassed by behavior

Shame on Henry Peters for insulting the intelligence of the people of Hawaii with his ridiculous radio ads. His own misdeeds and selfish motives prompted the state's investigation of the Bishop Estate trustees.

The only fault that can be laid on the governor and attorney general is that this action was not taken years ago.

The more Peters says and the more money he spends trying to deny the charges, the more guilty he appears. Rest assured, Mr. Peters, that the truth is out there, and Bronster and the courts will find it!

Matt Nakamura

Bigger issues are lost on drama critic

John Berger's Nov. 2 review of "The Story of Susanna," now playing at Kennedy Theatre, completedly missed the boat. Refuting the gross misunderstandings and irrelevant arguments in this review would be an easy but futile exercise.

The larger problem is that Berger has an ax to grind about many contemporary issues, including women's and local issues. He fails to grasp subtlety and sophistication, lacks imagination and insight, and offers up embarrassingly thin, garbled arguments as criticism.

This is not about resenting negative reviews. It's about replacing an incompetent, unqualified critic. Please! We deserve better.

Deborah Pope

All Krishna worshippers were tainted by article

Your Oct. 9 article, "Krishnas admit students abused at their schools," neglected to name ISKCON as the organization responsible for the abuses.

The World Vaishnava Association is an umbrella organization that represents 30 different Vaishnava organizations. ISKCON is only one tiny organization.

There are hundreds of millions of Vaishnavas (worshippers of Krishna), and all Vaishnavas shouldn't be blemished just because of the misdeeds of a few individuals.

We request that your newspaper take the appropriate action to correct the misconceptions conveyed.

Sunil Khemaney
World Vaishnava Association

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