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Thursday, November 5, 1998

Campaign '98

Plenty of shame to go around in election

Shame on Ben Cayetano for his negative smear campaign. Of course, it wasn't his fault since his political cronies did most of the dirty work. It's amazing, though, how he came up with more bright ideas in four weeks than he did in four years.

Shame on Vicky Cayetano for casting negative racial attitudes on her soon-to-be neighbors where she recently brought property. It was amazing how she knew these people already, when she hasn't even built a house on the land, much less moved in.

Shame on Sen. Daniel Inouye for making unjustified racial accusations against Linda Lingle, just 48 hours before the General Election. Who would have predicted that he would use the race card in the closing hours of the campaign?

Shame on the Democratic Party machine for another Hawaii campaign of personal attacks, racism and last-minute lies. It worked. Congratulations.

John Wright
Hilo, Hawaii

Good and bad results from the ballot box

Tuesday's General Election was a mixed bag. On the one hand, Hawaii's Democrats got a much deserved, well-earned wake-up call. On the other, the opponents of same-sex marriage were led down the garden path to bigotry and discrimination by the Save Traditional Marriage faction.

Now the faction's members admit that this will eventually be decided in the courts. Why didn't they tell that to their constituency -- both the bigoted and benighted -- before the vote?

No matter what the Legislature does or does not do, it will eventually end up and be defined by the courts. Telling the people that would have saved all of us from the divisive and hateful ads we were exposed to in the past several weeks.

It was a sad day for Hawaii but a brighter one on the national level, as the Senate remained the same and the Democrats picked up five seats in the House. Yet some bigotry and ugliness reared their ugly heads in some cases there, also.

Bill Healy

UHPA leaders showed courage in backing Lingle

Congratulations to Mayor Lingle for a hard fought campaign.

As a member of the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, I would like to thank UHPA leaders for their willingness to go out on a political limb and support Lingle. That the UHPA Board and Political Action Committee truly represented the wishes of the majority of its membership is to be commended.

Now that the outcome has been decided, I also offer my congratulations to the governor. I hope that the hard decision made by UHPA to represent the majority of its members in supporting Lingle does not result in political repercussions. Time will tell on that.

But to J.N. Musto, John Radcliffe, Alex Malahoff (some lifelong Democrats) and all the others for maintaining the courage of their convictions to support Lingle -- my humble thanks are offered. Your efforts were appreciated. Mahalo nui.

Douglas L. Vincent
UHPA member

Don't mock Christians over death of gay man

Mike Luckovich's intolerant and inflammatory Oct. 24 editorial cartoon of a fat "right-wing fanatic" holding a Bible and gloating over a tombstone with the inscription, "Gay Beating Victim," is an affront to all believers of Jesus Christ.

The brutal killing of the young homosexual man is just as grievous to a Christian as that of the 7-year-old girl who was raped and strangled in the Las Vegas casino bathroom stall. The Bible has the ability to speak to these injustices in our society, if we would only listen.

The same Bible that says "love your neighbor as yourself" and "thou shalt not kill" also says "homosexuality is detestable" (Leviticus 18:22). And the solution for the right-wing fanatic in his prejudices is the same as for that of the homosexual -- agree with God. Repent and change.

Loren and Betty Jean Anderson

Toyo's will be missed in Manoa neighborhood

It was distressing to learn that Toyo's Superette, the family-run grocery and butcher store in Manoa Valley, will be closing after 80 years of service to the community (Star-Bulletin, Nov. 2). This family legacy and Manoa institution will terminate on Nov. 30 because of high operating costs due to escalating lease rents.

These days it is common for family businesses to terminate because there are no willing family successors. Younger generations are often not willing to sacrifice and carry on the family business.

It was rare, therefore, to find the kind of commitment and strong community bond that Mr. and Mrs. Toshio Okamura had toward the Manoa customers they faithfully served. It is rarer that there were two generations behind them willing to carry forward the legacy created by "Toyo" Okamura.

We wish the very best for the Toshio Okamura family and extend our appreciation to its members for serving our community for three generations. We are very sure "Toyo" would be very proud of his store's contribution to the Manoa community and to his family name.

Florence Sato and family

Where is the money to pay new teachers?

President Clinton and the Democrats are tooting their horn over $1.2 billion in federal money to hire 100,000 new elementary teachers. But that amount will only be enough to hire 30,000 teachers during fiscal year '99.

To bring on 70,000 more teachers in the next six years, and keep paying the ones hired this year, Democrats are depending on Congress to appropriate an added $11 billion in the future.

This is merely a one-year appropriation. The 100-plus new teachers hired in Hawaii must be paid by the school districts in 2000. Where will the $3.5 million come from?

Throwing more money at education by hiring more teachers in Hawaii will not solve the basic problem of teachers' qualifications. This solution has been tried for the last 40 years of Democratic rule and has been a dismal failure. Now that we have a potential 100-plus new teachers, show me the empty classrooms to put them in.

Richard M. Ernst

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