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Monday, November 2, 1998

Campaign '98

Con Con shows trust in wisdom of people

We feel excited about having a constitutional convention, because it will provide the people with an opportunity to look at our governing document as we enter the 21st century.

We are very glad to have the support of Governor Cayetano and all of the mayors. They realize that having a 20-year-old government operational structure gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase "Y2K problem."

Before the election of delegates, we are calling for a year-long "Constitutional Education Program" for all students from elementary through high school, at colleges and universities, and for civic clubs, neighborhood boards and other groups. With this education, informed and knowledgeable voters can vote without fear or confusion.

We ask for your "yes" vote on the question of whether to convene a Con Con. Remember, only the people can change the Constitution, and we trust the people.

Ben Kama
Let the People Decide

Trustee fails to see schools' management failure

We would like to respond to the recent comments of Bishop Estate trustee Henry Peters. He has tried desperately to make Governor Cayetano's brave decision to seek pono in the estate into a political issue.

In his ads and in news articles reporting his position, Peters has consistently missed the core issue of the current controversy: the harm to the Kamehameha ohana caused by the arrogant, abusive and dysfunctional management of the estate by its trustees, particularly the majority of three led by Peters.

Unlike Peters, few if any of our members belong to country clubs, are trustee wannabes or would be considered by our peers as "high mucky-muck" Hawaiians. Unlike Peters, our first concern is for the children of Kamehameha, for their parents, the staff, teachers, alumni, for Princess Pauahi's vision and for anyone touched by her legacy.

Shame on you, Henry Peters!

Toni Lee, Jan Dill
and Tomi Chong
Executive Officers
Na Pua a Keali'i Pauahi Inc.

Public employee union leaders have plenty of clout

Your series of articles on Hawaii's public labor unions has confirmed what I have always known. Senate President Norman Mizuguchi and House Speaker Joe Souki have only one constituent -- Gary Rodrigues of the UPW. On second thought, better make that two -- the HGEA's Russell Okata.

Steve Uyehara

Public input is needed on homeporting carriers

On Aug. 28, the Navy released for public review a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) of a proposal to construct and operate the facilities needed to homeport three nuclear-powered aircraft carriers (CVNs) in the Pacific Fleet.

The preferred alternative is to locate two CVNs at Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., and leave the USS Abraham Lincoln in Everett, Wash. It does not include plans to homeport a carrier in Hawaii.

During the past few weeks, we have received written requests to extend the review period to allow the public additional time to read and study the new DEIS. Thus we have extended the review period to Nov. 12.

The public hearing, originally planned for late September, was held Oct. 22 at Makalapa Elementary.

We also invite the public to send written comments to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest Division (Code 55AL.JC), 1220 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92132-5190. Copies of the Draft EIS can be found in the Hawaii State, Aiea, Pearl City and Ewa Beach public libraries, and the DEIS Executive Summary is on our web site at http://www.airpac.navy.mil.

All comments from the public, whether presented at the hearing or in writing, will be addressed in the Final EIS.

Our aircraft carriers are vital to our national defense. I strongly encourage input to help reach the right decision.

M. Bowman
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
Commander, Naval Air Force,
U.S. Pacific Fleet
Navy Air Station, North Island
San Diego, Calif.

Tourism Authority is disappointing

The governor assured me in a letter dated Aug. 21 that the selection of the new board for the Tourism Authority would include a diverse group representing both "business and community concerns." It was disappointing that the nominees appear to represent a rather narrow group of tourism business interests.

The governor ignored the advice of a study done for the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, "Eco-tourism Opportunities for Hawaii's Visitor Industry (1994)."

This study recommended that tourism advisory boards "involve indigenous populations, the general public, non-governmental organizations and include all stakeholders in the decision-making process."

The marketing of tourism should not ignore the cultural, historical and environmental assets of our state, but none of the new voting board members appears to have a background in those aspects of our community. Instead, the nominees include two persons whose businesses have been or are committed to the development of casino gambling as an attraction.

This may reflect the ardent support of gambling interests by the House speaker and Senate president, as well as shipboard casino lobbyists, who are currently inviting selected legislators to lunch. Also, the nominees omit small-business representation -- unless golf courses qualify as small businesses.

A more representative board that includes a broader spectrum of community concerns, and which does not have the appearance of advocacy for casinos, is crucial at this stage of our development.

Robert T. Bobilin

'Independent' economists are Lingle supporters

You eagerly promote the Lingle candidacy by repeating the claims of "independent" economists in your Oct. 29 editorial. Why didn't you reveal that some are publicly confessed Lingle supporters? In fact, the day after their staged press conference, one was in a Lingle radio ad.

You accept their assertion that Cayetano inherited a $291 million fund balance. That was the balance at the end of fiscal year 1994, before a Cayetano administration. The balance for FY '95 was $90 million, making the projected $311 million balance at the end of '99 a huge increase.

You claim that state spending has increased since Cayetano took office. If you read the state's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (independently audited by Ernst & Young) or the Financial Accounting and Management Information System reports, you would find state spending, excluding federal funds, has declined by almost $200 million.

There are too many checks and balances for one man to "juggle" money in state government, as you accuse me of doing. I would need the cooperation of DAGS accountants, Ernst & Young auditors, the computer systems staff, budget analysts and many others.

I challenge you to refute the above instead of pursuing your "ambush by innuendo" strategy to promote Lingle.

Earl I. Anzai
State Budget Director

Campaign '98

Young voters have their concerns, too

We, the fourth-grade students of Enchanted Lake Elementary School, are studying the issues that both Governor Cayetano and Mayor Lingle are focusing on for the upcoming election.

As students who will be sharing their votes tomorrow, we want to let the governor and the mayor know what is important to us.

First, we are concerned about how expensive it is to live in Hawaii. Some people have to leave here and live on the mainland where it is cheaper and other people become homeless.

Second, the crime in Hawaii scares us. It seems that a lot of people are doing bad things that hurt or kill innocent people. People who do wrong things have to be punished.

Third, we would like to have more jobs for the educated kids graduating from high school. When we graduate, we want to go to college and get jobs in Hawaii.

Thank you for taking the time to read our concerns.

Pam Lipka's class
Room B-2
Enchanted Lake Elementary School

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