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Thursday, October 29, 1998

Campaign '98

Ward's commercials show his right-wing leanings

I am an independent voter who would not in a million years vote for a neo-fascist like Orson Swindle. I was leaning toward voting for Gene Ward because he seemed a bit above the extreme partisanship shown by much of the Republican Party in Washington.

I guess I was wrong. Current attack ads on TV unfortunately have demonstrated that Ward has been persuaded to follow the mean-spiritedness of the national party instead of the dignity of his Hawaii roots.

I may not agree with everything that Neil Abercrombie does or stands for, but taking cheap shots using his former long hair in Ward's ads is very offensive. It makes it clear that Ward has signed on to the "intolerance for others" that more and more seems to define the Republican Party instead of the fiscal responsibility I had hoped would be its focus.

Bob Carroll
(Via the Internet)

Time for a housecleaning of unethical politicians

Holt, Kihano, Ige, Peters, Wong. Are these all not our so-called leaders? The loyalty of the aloha spirit and the kindness of the people of Hawaii are causing us to self-destruct.

If these are the kinds of leaders we continue to elect into office because of the loyalty we have to them, we must reassess our personal values. I would rather have a man or woman of honor, integrity and good character representing me in state or city government rather than someone I "should" vote for because, well, you know, he or she has been there a long time.

The trusting, kind spirit of aloha shouldn't be wasted on supposed friends who have no problem stabbing you in the back, throwing away your tax dollars and making shady, selfish deals behind closed doors.

Carolyn Walther
(Via the Internet)

Incumbent is abusing power of his office

I am a member of a governor-appointed commission. I realize that I am publicly cutting my throat, but here goes: Every month I receive a newsletter, "News from Governor Cayetano." This is a blatant campaign piece thinly veiled as "information" about state government.

I assume all state workers get these bulletins touting Ben's accomplishments via state department mail. Our tax dollars are used to print and distribute them to workers, who then spend government time to read them.

Worse is that these agencies, whose budgets have been slashed to perilously low levels, must now spend their postal budgets mailing these "campaign pieces" to their board members.

Have we become so accepting of the Democratic status quo that those in power assume monarchial immunity?

The newsletter is misuse of state funds. Let's give the boot to the old guard Democratic machine and see if we might revive the ethics of the good people of Hawaii.

C.E. Lusk

Cayetano can't be blamed for poor economy

As a graduate business student, I feel it necessary to emphasize to fellow voters that the cause of Hawaii's lackluster tourism-based economy is due to a poor Asian (Japan and Korea, in particular) economy.

Neither a "hope" for the future, nor a positive attitude will be enough to improve our economy; only an improved Asian economy, or a Governor Cayetano proposed diversification of industries will do the trick.

Rather than blaming Cayetano for his "hard" decision-making, maybe we should appreciate the fact that those decisions were made in the best interest of all of Hawaii's people.

We all know that something needed to be done to improve the economy, we just didn't want to be the one to be affected. Remember that it is easy to vote based on emotions, but it takes a truly responsible citizen to vote for the candidate who will make the best decisions for all of Hawaii's people.

Brent Igawa
(Via the Internet)

Democratic values are no longer good enough

My apologies to Governor Cayetano and his wonderful wife. I have voted Democratic all my life and for Cayetano numerous times. I share all the Democratic values that he has articulated recently in his campaign. I agree that the past actions of the Democratic Party have contributed to a sense of fairness in building our state.

But my primary loyalties now must be to my children (who are part Filipino, by the way) and their economic futures.

While I believe Cayetano tried to break up the power of the entrenched network of union bosses and political appointees who are the major inhibiting factor in moving our economy forward, this cannot be accomplished by a Democratic governor who needs the old network's support to win. I am sorry, Governor Cayetano, but I am voting for Linda Lingle.

Ronald C. Pine
(Via the Internet)

Lingle's promise of change is not necessarily good

Mayor Lingle and her campaign wizards know that even her supporters, if they scratch the surface of her image, would find ambition and little else. Lingle's campaign is based on hypocrisy beyond the usual drivel common to modern electoral policies.

To keep the skeletons of her mediocre efforts as Maui mayor hidden, Lingle must avoid details as best she can. She continues to offer voters a glorious future based on "change."

Don't presume, however, that this "change" will be an improvement over the Democratic Party's politics, policies and people. One must also consider who will be the most comfortable with these changes, and who will suffer from them.

Remember that Lingle, the "people's candidate," is securely tied to an aggressively anti-people philosophy and agenda. Hence, she and the Republican Party must continually remake themselves because the reality -- the details -- beneath the image are fundamentally disagreeable.

R. Harding Teves

Cayetano lost TV debate to more eloquent Lingle

The Oct. 16 debate of Governor Cayetano and Linda Lingle clearly proved, once again, that Lingle is, by far, the superior candidate. Cayetano's inexcusable, irresponsible and ignorant references -- like how a politician with a family and children makes a better governor -- show a man of desperation, extreme bias and panic.We don't need four more years of that!

G. Woo

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