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Friday, October 16, 1998

Defenders of gays deserve public gratitude

On Oct. 11, a number of us gathered to peacefully protest the murder of Kenneth Brewer and the lenient sentence of Stephen Bright. We also celebrated the memory of the late Matthew Shepard. Both men were victims of hate crimes against gay individuals.

Thankfully, there are people in the gay and straight community who continue to be strong leaders and role models in the war against hate. Carolyn Golojuch, Bill Woods, Jack Law and Perlita Payne, to name a few, should be applauded for their bravery in the shadow of adversity.

Braddoc DeCaires

Hawaiian entertainment is needed in Waikiki

With respect to the Waikiki revitalization plan, making the changes sounds nice but they will not stop the downward trend of tourism. The thing that is really needed is to return Hawaiiana to Waikiki.

Bring back Hawaiian entertainment. Hawaii has some of the best entertainers in the world, but you won't find them in Waikiki. Many tourists have told me they will not return to Waikiki because they expected to see and hear Hawaii, but it doesn't exist there.

Hotels that have a poolside trio and/or a piano bar will say they provide entertainment, but it isn't so. They will also say entertainment is too expensive, but that is because they only look at it in terms of cost vs. revenue per square foot, not customer satisfaction. Very few Hawaiian entertainers can earn a livable wage. When these special people are gone, we will have lost an irreplaceable part of Hawaii.

Ace Crawford
(Via the Internet)

Are Lingle and Koki really working as a team?

Teams accomplish more than individuals by themselves. Ben Cayetano and Mazie Hirono are a team. Among other things, they have brought workers' compensation costs down by 50 percent and lowered auto insurance rates.

When was the last time you saw a Linda Lingle ad saying that she and Stan Koki are a team?

Keith Oda

Even stalwart Democrats should vote for Lingle

I was raised in a liberal, Democratic Party family. When my brother openly declared himself a Republican during the first Reagan presidency, heated debate rocked the entire family. He was pratically shunned for such heresy!

Today I continue to be a very liberal Democrat, as well as a 25-year Hawaii state employee, longtime union member and educator. Now is my turn to be a heretic.

I support Linda Lingle for governor for reasons far too numerous to recount here. With the university and state facing both a crisis of leadership and finances, political reform must take precedence over loyalty.

How ironic that I need to look to a Republican candidate to effectively change my party for the better. But recent history surely points out that the change required will not come from within its own ranks or from another Cayetano administration.

Vincent Linares
Kula, Maui
(Via the Internet)

Bishop Estate must be priority for our governor

While I voted for Linda Lingle in the primary, I am undecided for the general. Lingle has said things which concern me:

1) When asked about how she felt about the Bishop Estate investigation, she said that Ben Cayetano should have done something a lot earlier. He was, after all, lieutenant governor for eight years and governor for four. Lingle was asked about her views, not Cayetano's. Also, it ignores the power of the Bishop Estate.

2) In the debate with Frank Fasi, Lingle did not give a good answer to the question on future appointments of the trustees by Supreme Court justices. Lingle said something to the effect that the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop should not be trampled on. Well, excuse me, but the will has already been trampled. I view Lingle's statement as a return to the John Waihee status quo. This should not be allowed to happen.

3) I am also concerned about Lingle having trustee Henry Peters' mother on her campaign committee.

Cayetano has made a major contribution in taking on the Bishop Estate. I would hate to see this set back or canceled. The estate has been a drag on the economy and this needs to stop if Hawaii is ever going to recover. Whoever acknowledges this fact has my vote.

Erick Ehrhorn
(Via the Internet)

HSTA leaderships shows arrogance with endorsement

The HSTA's board's endorsement of Cayetano for governor is regrettable for many reasons. It is again one more act of arrogance by the power elite in this state to preserve positions at the expense of the values given lip service to.

Per HSTA's own polls, a vast majority of all teachers support a fundamental change in governance through their support of Linda Lingle. But now they will see HSTA use their dues to pay for expensive ads which will imply support where none exists. Individual teachers have little recourse except their own vote.

Richard K. Rice
(Via the Internet)

Governor deserves thanks for cutting state taxes

Changing the tax brackets and rates will really help people like me who will now pay less taxes. I wish the tax cuts were more but I am really glad that Governor Cayetano at least got something through the Legislature.

Charles Ng

Abercrombie defends indefensible president

Rep. Neil Abercrombie is quoted in your Oct. 9 issue as stating, "Mr. Starr's referral, his allegations, and the supporting evidence do not warrant impeachment" against President Clinton.

Abercrombie has clearly made his choice between saving the Constitution or saving the president. Apparently, lying under oath in civil depositions and to a federal grand jury is not impeachable, according to Abercrombie. And I guess oral sex is not sex, is it, Neil?

Great nonpartisan leadership, and another reason to vote for Gene Ward!

Meyno Rego

Mink's outburst in defense of Clinton was mystifying

The sound and fury created by the penetratingly sharp outburst registered by Rep. Patsy Mink at last week's congressional hearings must have created wonderment to some House members as to whether she might need the services of Queen's Hospital or some similar institution.

Apparently, it would be no stretch of the imagination to presume that, whatever blemishes Bill Clinton might possess, he is still sunshine to Mink -- even if the trail should lead to the proverbial pigsty.

Robert L. Davis

Hawaii's team in D.C. should be kept intact

Congress has recently passed the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 1999, which includes a line item for $14 million to rejuvenate the workforce at the four naval shipyards. This line item was included, in part, due to the personal involvement of Sen. Daniel Inouye and Rep. Neil Abercrombie, with the support of Sen. Daniel Akaka and Rep. Patsy Mink.

Local federal manager organizations and unions lobbied long and hard for this funding. It will enable Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to begin an apprentice program for the first time in several years. It will give our young people interested in work as mechanics an opportunity to remain in Hawaii and perform meaningful work, earning good wages.

This is why we need to keep the quartet of experienced legislators who represent us in Washington. Akaka, Inouye, Abercrombie and Mink form a terrific team. Their seniority and synergy provide us benefits far beyond what could be expected with such a small population base.

Barbara Paris
Legislative Chairperson
Federal Managers Association, Chapter 19
Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard/Area

If Hawaii is doing well, why is everyone leaving?

Yet another friend has called to say that she and her family are moving to the mainland. That goodbye was the third in 10 days, and all for the same reason: our festering economy.

Income disparity, the high cost of living and the dread of an uncertain future continue to send our best and brightest to places where their entrepreneurial talents are both appreciated and compensated.

When Vice President Gore was in Hawaii, you could feel the influence of the White House in his remarks. Gore said, "Signs of recovery are everywhere." Of course, it all depends on how you define "recovery" and "are" and "everywhere."

Beth-Ann Kozlovich
(Via the Internet)

People voted for Frank because he was a doer

In his Oct. 5 Honolulu Lite column, Charles Memminger asked the rhetorical question, "Where are all the Fasi-ites?" Although he was trying to be humorous, he was really off the mark when it comes to understanding why people vote for Fasi.

I voted for Fasi when he was a Democrat, a Republican and a Best Party candidate. I'd vote for Fasi if he ran as a "Party to Preserve Mayonnaise" candidate.

Why? Because Fasi's a man of action, and I benefit from his actions every day. I live in an affordable house that Frank built. I ride Frank's bus to Waikiki, where I walk down a sidewalk that is free of T-shirt vendors that Frank kicked out. When I renew my vehicle registration, I do it the satellite city hall that Frank built. When I sit in traffic, I know it's not Frank's fault; he tried to build a rapid transit system.

While state politicians sat on koa benches and wasted my tax dollars arguing over how to deal with the homeless, Frank put up some tents and got them out of the rain.

No matter what label Frank has worn, he was still the same man inside -- one who cared about me, the little guy.

Bradford Morriseau
Ewa Beach
(Via the Internet)

St. Louis football players are being unduly criticized

I never realized that there are so many hypocrites and willy nillies around. What's wrong with "boys will be boys"? How would you like to be chaperoned and controlled all the time you are thousands of miles away from home -- being confined to a hotel room and being barred from the casinos because of age? What in hell are they supposed to do, play with spiders?

Your reporters are working overtime to discredit a winning St. Louis football team. Father Mario Pariante shouldn't be sucked into your trap.

The president of St. Louis should answer only to the parents of those boys who were involved and then move on to academics. Incidentally, Cal Lee and his assistant coaches are tops.

Francis P. Gora
(Via the Internet)

Maybe alcohol counseling is in order at St. Louis

The parents of the St. Louis football players who are making excuses for their sons should be ashamed of themselves. They should be glad Father Mario Pariante is taking the time to find out who is to blame, and be thankful that he has the moral and ethical strength to insist that the students be punished.

If the boys take responsibility, accept their punishment and offer an apology, perhaps they will emerge from this ordeal with a bit of the moral character that St. Louis is obviously trying to instill in them.

Bottom line: These students broke the law. Maybe the money delegated for the attorney would be better spent on alcohol counseling. Nip the problem in the bud, because boys grow up to be men.

Kathleen A. Adams


(Via the Internet)

Some ways to keep HPD officers from moving

Train police recruits, keep 'em long enough to repay us for the training (perhaps six years), and then let them go. Of course, new HPD recruits should sign a six-year contract or they don't get the training and they don't get the job. This way we get six years of their service, and they know that they are free to leave in six years and go to Oregon then. The military does this every day.

If HPD really wants to keep someone, then offer re-enlistment bonuses. This would be cost effective, too. An agreement could be signed by the enlistee that he or she would serve a specific number of years to justify the cost of the bonus.

The other option is to increase pay and benefits.

James M. Lee

Crummy Northwest weather should deter relocations

Portland and Seattle are luring our police to the Pacific Northwest with promises of better pay, cheaper housing and a lower cost of living. But do these HPD officers know about the weather there?

I'm an ex-Oregonian and love the state -- when you can see it. The Oregon coast is one of the world's most beautiful marine drives; its mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and lush farmlands are magnificent. Trouble is, eight or nine months out of a given year, these scenes stand under a gray, gloomy cloud bank.

In Portland, it often just drizzles and drizzles and drizzles. The trees are bare. Flower gardens are a sickly brown. In winter, it's dark when you go to work and dark when you come home. You've got to bundle and galosh the kids before you send them off to school. They have runny noses and coughs with frequency.

Did I mention the occasional ice storms? That'll give you a thrill on a slick highway.

Want to go surfing? The ocean is several hours away and a wet suit is mandatory to fight the frigid waters, even in the summer.

In the Pacific Northwest, you have to look hard for kalua pig and cabbage, cracked seed and kalbi chicken. And forget about seeing beautiful girls with flowers in their hair.

David W. Eyre

Cartoon characters aren't good ambassadors for HFD

I'm disturbed that the Hawaii Kai Fire Station chose the South park Kids to help promote Fire Prevention Week. These so-called "cute" cartoon characters represent nothing but a total disregard for authority and life. One character, Kenny, dies a violent death on each episode and profanity is a common part of the dialogue.

I know that some schools take students to the station during Fire Prevention Week. What is the Honolulu Fire Department trying to communicate to children?

When I think of the HFD, I think of a group of individuals who have a high regard for human life. I think of an establishment built on integrity, honor and community good. Using the South park Kids as a means of promotion clouds this image.

Ed Arcalas
(Via the Internet)

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