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Saturday, September 26, 1998

Konishiki: Details on
JSA resignation Monday

TOKYO -- Former ozeki Konishiki, currently known in the Japan Sumo Association (JSA) as elder Sanoyama, told reporters today that he plans to hold a press conference Monday to give some details concerning his pending retirement from sumo.

Sanoyama reportedly submitted an offer to resign as a JSA member on Friday, but JSA chief Tokitsukaze said he had not received a formal letter of resignation from the Hawaiian-born grappler.

''Master Takasago will submit the letter of resignation to the JSA chairman today and it will be formally decided. I will hold a press conference on the 28th (Monday) after the tournament to give some details about the situation,'' Sanoyama said.

The Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament is currently under way at Toyko's Ryogoku Kokugikan and will conclude Sunday.

Sanoyama, facing the possibility of relegation to sumo's second-tier juryo division, retired from the ring after 15 years last November during the Kyushu tourney.

The first foreign-born wrestler to reach sumo's second highest rank of ozeki, Sanoyama has been popular in his activities outside the sumo world since his retirement from the ring and has been a regular figure in Japanese television commercials.

tags Takanohana

TOKYO -- Ozeki Musashimaru tagged Takanohana with his second loss of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament today, leaving the yokozuna and his brother Wakanohana tied for the lead at 12-2 heading into the final day of the 15-day tournament Sunday.

Musashimaru wasted little time at the face-off of their bout at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan, getting his right arm through Takanohana's defenses and hoisting the grand champion's left arm into the air to render it useless.

Truth Contest Hilton With the grand champion off-balance, the burly ozeki muscled him out of the ring for his 10th win, while Takanohana was denied a chance to secure his 20th Emperor's Cup a day before the end of the tournament.

Yokozuna Wakanohana, meanwhile, rebounded from an upset loss Friday to post his 12th win by shoving down Akebono in the day's final bout and eliminating the Hawaiian-born grand champion from the title race.

Akebono, hoping to force a three-way playoff for the title with wins against Wakanohana and Takanohana on Sunday, rocked Wakanohana back with a powerful thrust at the face-off.

The 204-centimeter-tall grand champion, who has difficulty at times keeping his feet underneath him, however, this time stepped too far forward against the smaller Wakanohana.

Regaining his balance, Wakanohana caught Akebono in the chest with a sharp upward thrust that sent his opponent flopping onto his back and knocking him out of the title chase with his fourth loss.

On Sunday, Wakanohana squares off against Musashimaru, who leads their rivalry 21-13, and Takanohana takes on Akebono, who are even at 18-18 against each other, in the final two bouts of the tournament.

A pair of wins or losses by the brothers would set up a special playoff between Takanohana and Wakanohana for the championship.

The brothers, who do not meet in the regulation bouts of the 15-day tourney because they are from the same stable, squared off once before in a playoff for the Emperor's Cup when then ozeki Wakanohana downed his younger brother for the Kyushu crown in November 1995.

In other bouts today, ozeki Takanonami dropped No. 6 maegashira Tochinonada to the ring's surface with a right-arm lever for his ninth win.

Sekiwake Chiyotaikai slammed out No. 4 maegashira Wakanosato for his ninth win and fuel talk that he is a legitimate candidate for promotion to ozkei.

Veteran sekiwake Takatoriki avoided stepping out of the ring under Kyokushuzan's crisp initial thrusting attack and came back to shove out the No. 5 maegashira from Mongolia to even his mark at 7-7.

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