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Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Chinky Mahoe's probation is an appalling sentence

Hawaii's child molesters must surely be applauding the recent decision by Circuit Judge Wilfred Watanabe to give Chinky Mahoe five years' probation for his sex crimes against children ages 9-14. Those who condone the right of predators to seek out and satisfy their sexual urges on children no doubt fully support Hawaii's failing and truly pathetic criminal justice system.

Sadly, I believe this is just one more example of a dangerously liberal society that refuses to hold its citizens responsible for their actions. To escape punishment for multiple felonies involving the sexual abuse of children in Hawaii is not just disturbing, it's downright appalling.

C.T. Marshall
(Via the Internet)

Company is legitimate nonprofit organization

This is in response to Charles Memminger's Aug. 17 column, "Cop caller didn't seem true blue."

The name of our company is "Aloha Productions." It is locally owned and operated by Mary Jean Henry in Hawaii. We are working in association with the National United Law Enforcement Officers Association to publish "Hawaii's Most Wanted Magazine."

Our solicitor did not suggest or imply that our organization is connected with the Honolulu Police Department. However, HPD is aware of our company and its purpose. We are bonded by contract, as filed with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, and certified as a legitimate nonprofit organization.

The Kaneohe Police Station is aware of our project. Mrs. Henry and I recently met with lieutenants Thompson and Kong to clear up any misunderstandings.

Please refer to the June 19 "Corrections" column in your newspaper: "Aloha Productions is conducting a legal, tax-deductible advertising solicitation for the National United Law Enforcement Officers Association to produce 'Hawaii's Most Wanted Magazine,' police said."

Hanalei Aipoalani
Executive Director of Marketing
and Public Relations
Aloha Productions

Filipinos should be upset by Cayetano's remarks

The governor's recent comments about radio personality Rick Hamada are very interesting in light of Justice Clarence Thomas' recent speech to the National Bar Association. Governor Cayetano is perplexed by Hamada's conservative views, considering his Filipino background. The black community is perplexed by Justice Thomas' conservative views, considering his ethnic background.

Justice Thomas pointed out that he is a thinking man and is offended at the thought that someone would presume to assign a political view to him because of his color. Using that same logic, the Filipino community should find Governor Cayetano's remarks condescending and offensive. Does being Filipino mean you must be told what to think politically?

Our governor sells the Filipino community short.

Robert R. Kessler
U.S. Navy, Retired

Lingle is only one who can save Hawaii

Governor Cayetano has been quoted in the press as having had a "vision," but he didn't tell us what he had seen. Was it Utopia? Catastrophe? It would be interesting to know.

Then we have "push-up champion" Frank Fasi, who is also the man who wears a coat of many colors (i.e. Democrat, Republican, Best Party). He continues to be the Frank we have known for many years. So what's new?

Challenging these gentlemen is a true and capable lady, whose concerns for Hawaii transcend the very political make-up of her competitors.

Our economy suffers and our young people continue to depart, despite the sudden and valiant effort of the Democrats Four, who represent us in Washington. They are scrambling to secure federal grants for Hawaii in the hope that their party can yet be saved.

Ater 40 years, it is time for a change. We must switch to a business-like state government directed by someone whose concern is Hawaii's people and its economy, not the perpetuation of an unhealthy political system.

Carl Simons
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Mahalo to vice president for visiting 50th State

Aloha and thanks to Vice President Al Gore for vacationing in our islands and for saying that Hawaii is a "wonderful piece of heaven."

Of course, we know things could be better here, like sharing the boisterous prosperity of the 49 other states.

But we in Hawaii are in a Cayetano depression, caused by a governor who does not pay the rent to Hawaiians, as the law provides.

Arthur K. Trask Sr.
Lihue, Kauai

Hawaiian viewpoint is needed in teaching

Tom Jensen's Aug. 15 letter to the editor critically accosted the Kamehameha Schools for serious flaws in its distance learning program. Jensen cited a primitive teaching technique and an oversensitive view of history as serious concerns. After watching only one television program, I doubt if Jensen is capable of judging the merits of the entire effort.

As a Hawaiian, I am particularly offended by the allegations that the Kamehameha Schools employ an inaccurate perspective of history in which sympathy for Hawaiians is overly exaggerated. Hawaiians have suffered an unbelievable degree of oppression throughout the pages of history.

After losing their right to self-determination and being placed in a class below decency, it is hardly amazing that Hawaiians as a whole are overrepresented in negative socioeconomic statistics, such as at-risk students and in prison populations. Unfortunately, they are more likely to live in the ranks of poverty.

If compassion for Hawaiians was evident in the lesson, few educated people would deem it unjustified.

Nicholas Goodness
Senior, Kamehameha Schools
Wailuku, Maui
(Via the Internet)

Independent prosecutor is a hero for going after Clinton

The polls, if they do reflect the lowering of our moral values, both amaze and disappoint me. Pointing to the results of the polls, Bill Clinton wants us to move on, put this tawdry matter behind us and let him continue to be our president.

Clinton, however, must realize there are consequences to illegal actions. His cowardly but arrogant expression of regret was filled with anger that Kenneth Starr is putting him in such a degrading, humiliating position.

Clinton brought this humiliation upon himself. The real hero in this disgraceful affair is Starr, who has been vilified for doing the job that needs to be done.

When the final chapter of this story is written, Starr will be the one we will thank for helping America find its conscience and moral compass. He, not Clinton, will be seen as an American hero who never flinched when the going got tough.

Betty Gubler

Sordid details delivered courtesy of Kenneth Starr

Move over, Larry Flynt. There is a new king of pornography. His name is Kenneth Starr. Larry and his Hustler magazine aren't even in the same league as the special prosecutor, with his semen-spotted dress. Of course, Larry never had the entire media establishment salivating for his next inspiration.

What follows oral sex, folks? Stay tuned to Kenny Boy, the Starr of the GOP, every day on your television screen and in your daily family newspaper.

Willis Butler

There's cheaper way to fix softball field

With respect to repairing the UH softball field, has anyone tried to think of the cheapest and easiest way to correct the problem? It seems to me that moving home plate toward center field about 10 feet or so would solve most of it.

As for the outfield fence, I believe there is sufficient space for it to be moved. If there isn't, then use the tennis court fence. Food for thought before more taxpayer money is wasted.

Michael Caldonetti
(Via the Internet)

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