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Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Americans won't tolerate a ban on firearms

In his June 10 letter to the editor, Ken Toyama expressed his opinion on personal ownership of firearms in Hawaii. Toyama believes that the private citizen should be banned from gun ownership. He seems to think that we should "simulate" the laws of Japan regarding them.

Furthermore, he thinks that Japan is a crime-free, "harmonious" nation. Perhaps his best interests would be served in living in Japan.

Millions of American citizens own and use firearms safely everyday for hunting and target-shooting and self-defense when called upon to do so. Toyama and many others like him are naive in the extreme to think that law-abiding citizens will accept any firearms ban.

Dave Loveless
(Via the Internet)

Even in Hawaii, being black can still be dangerous

African Americans responded to the Kalaheo and Castle high school yearbook incidents with such ferocity because in the year 1998, as it was in 1898 and 1798, being black in the wrong place at the wrong time could cost lives.

Although there haven't been any deaths in Hawaii that can be directly attributed to rasicm in recent memory, complacency could be fatal. The people of Hawaii are blessed not to have to live with the fear that the color of their skin could be a death mark.

Perhaps the lesson that is being taught to the Department of Education is, "What were once funny jokes, aren't funny anymore." Perhaps we as native birds haven't realized the tree snakes are here.

Alfred Coleman
(Via the Internet)

U.S. could learn a lot from strict Singapore

That was an outstanding column that A.A. Smyser wrote on June 2, depicting Singapore. Having been there only a few years back, I'd never have guessed there were that many people living in such a small area.

I feel more congested taking a trip to town and going to Ala Moana than I ever did in Singapore. Mass transit, as I've experienced in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, is just outstanding. Having a car there makes almost no sense at times.

I know Singapore's laws are very strict -- don't even think of chewing gum or smoking there unless you enjoy a good caning. But Singapore is beautiful because of that. No litter, not even a cigarette butt to be found, just a very clean place.

I hope our government looks into alternative directions to take this state into the next century, because it sure isn't working the old "democratic" way.

Wade Yamamoto
Ewa Beach
(Via the Internet)

Ward has right stuff to be great congressman

I have known congressional candidate Gene Ward for many years. Twenty years ago, he helped me get started and trained in running a small business. He has been instrumental in my success.

He has helped many others get started in their own companies and his contribution to small business in Hawaii has been significant. He is an honorable man with great integrity, who cares about the people of Hawaii.

Gene is a very qualified candidate for the U.S. Congress as he has traveled extensively, speaks several languages and understands well the national and international political arena.

He will be a great congressman and one that Hawaii can be proud of.

Huichen Cheng

Ward won't win against Quentin Kawananakoa

It's sad to see an effective state representative, Gene Ward, marginalize himself so completely by making this quixotic run for Congress. This is a man who served his constituents pretty well, even though it often seemed he was more interested in international business and diplomatic issues than representing Hawaii.

Now he will leave a vacuum of leadership in his district by running for an office he can't possibly win. All this and burned bridges, too.

Ward should remember that there is more at stake here than his personal ambition. Hawaii is at stake. We need a leader who Republicans, Independents and Democrats can embrace -- a person who stands a chance of defeating Neil Abercrombie.

Is Quentin Kawananakoa better looking? Yes. Does he have more money than Ward? Yes. More important, Kawananakoa has forged a new coalition of people who want to end the arrogant reign of Hawaii's least qualified congressman.

These are people who have never attended a GOP event, never cared about politics because hopelessness and fear led them to political apathy. Now they have a spokesperson, and he's not Ward.

Close advisers and friends have asked Ward not to run because they want to save him from his own political demise. It's time for him to get his head out of the clouds -- unless his real purpose is to help Abercrombie win in November.

Tom Mole

Lawsuit in DUI case blames wrong people

When I read that Nicole Nuuanu-Dudoit, Carina Nuuanu and Laakea Nuuanu were killed by a drunken driver, my heart went out to their family.

When I read that the drunken driver, James Steinseifer, was sent to prison, I thought, "Yes, justice!"

But when I read that Elizabeth Nuuanu had filed a wrongful death suit against the city and state transportation departments, I was surprised and confused. Why not sue the manufacturer of the car (it was used as a lethal weapon) or the alcohol company for its distribution of a dangerous narcotic? Or how about the drunken driver for committing the crime?

To Nuuanu I say, I'm so sorry for your loss. But it was not the design, construction or maintenance of the road that killed your daughters and granddaughter. It was speed, alcohol and James Steinseifer that tore you and your family apart.

Sandra Soria

Hawaiians get fleeced by their own people

Your June 11 story regarding the Bishop Estate and its many financial problem prompts a question: How long will the honest citizens of Hawaii stand for the irresponsible actions of three of the trustees?

What does it take to bring some common sense to the native Hawaiians who benefit from the trust? Native Hawaiians have been subjected to abuse by those who came to their islands and have turned it into something other than the paradise it should be. And now to be fleeced by those Hawaiians entrusted with the conservation of this trust just makes this haole's blood boil! Stop it now and try to regain your inheritance.

Dick Skarnes
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
(Via the Internet)

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