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Monday, June 8, 1998

Don't change Constitution to target any one group

The June 2 letter from John A. Hoag miscasts both the prevailing sentiments of the people of Hawaii and the role of the two separate branches of government under our Constitution.

People's confidence in the ability of the state Legislature to "do the right thing" has plummeted, while our Supreme Court is entrusted with the responsibility to interpret the principles and tenets of the Hawaii Constitution.

Our organization believes that the Supreme Court has acted properly in preserving rights guaranteed to all of our citizens and that, regardless of individual opinions on specific issues, we must not change our Constitution to single out a specific group for unequal treatment under the law.

To use Hoag's phrase, "simply stated, the vast majority of Hawaii's people oppose" the pernicious threat that codifying discrimination in our Constitution would pose. Our organization will defend against any such threats to turn back the clock on equal rights in Hawaii.

Jackie Young
Campaign Director
Protect Our Constitution

Cal Thomas was right about prophet Mohammad

Cal Thomas' May 7 commentary was a very lucid description of the deceit practiced by Arafat, who has called for the destruction of Israel in the Palestinian charter.

The history of Islam reveals "the end justifies the means." The means, in its case, call for killing those who refuse Islam, whose god is not the Biblical God.

Mohammad, who claimed to be a prophet, was a sick man, subject to convulsions. The Koran has been described as a very confused book; it is a mixture of Judaism, Christianity and folk tales.

All of the ancient Biblical prophets were men of purity, a quality that Mohammad and his nine wives could not claim.

Christine Abedor

India, Pakistan will regret spending on weapons

People in India and Pakistan are rejoicing that their nations have nuclear bombs.

But their economies will suffer, as they have directed their spending on nuclear development at the expense of social and economic programs.

Sanctions by the U.S. will further the economic hardship. Foreign investors will lose confidence and withdraw their investments because of the political instability and unfavorable economic climate, especially in Pakistan.

The worst scenario would be war between them. It could even be accidental. Perhaps then nations will learn that peace and spending for social and economic programs are superior and preferable to spending for nuclear armaments.

H.T. Chang

Stop criticizing and do something about economy

I have just read about the new plantation being established on the Big Island, one that could pave the way for a new forestry industry. Many people have their doubts about this project, but I for one think that it is a good idea.

Hawaii is in the middle of an economic depression right now and any possible way to revitalize this sagging economy is welcome.

When people say this project's market may be too limited, that is true. However, given time, this market could expand.

Whether we revitalize the economy with this new forestry industry, or something like gambling, it really doesn't matter. The bottom line is that people have to stop overcriticizing or else we just might end up shooting ourselves in the foot once again.

Kevin Fuji
Mililani High School

Many have helped study the Hawaiian sea turtle

The French Frigate Shoals (FFS) are the primary nesting grounds for the Hawaiian green sea turtle. Most of Hawaii's "honu" go to nest on East Island, FFS, from May to September.

On June 1, exactly 25 years ago, the Hawaiian sea turtle tagging program officially began. It has continued uninterrupted to this day. Since 1973, research conducted there has revealed much about the mating, nesting and migratory habits of the Hawaiian green sea turtle.

The tagging program at FFS is a success story. The number of nesting females continues to grow steadily as the honu population struggles its way back to recovery. They've had plenty of help along the way, thanks to the dedicated team of researchers and volunteers at both your federal and state levels.

We want to express profound appreciation to all those who have contributed to the success of the FFS sea turtle tagging program.

Peter and Ursula Bennett
Ontario, Canada
(Via the Internet)

City shut down bus stop at peak of traffic load

Kudos to the city and county workers who chose to perform much needed maintenance on many of the bus stops in and around downtown. There is nothing more efficient than shutting down a bus-stop during peak traffic hours.

It was especially kind of the city & county not to alert local residents that this work would be done. Why burden Honolulu residents with the chore of planning ahead and thus eliminating an unexpected hassle?

What was truly amazing, though, was that none of the bus drivers had been given advance word regarding this maintenance work. Therefore, they were allowed to share in the surprise.

There's nothing like seeing a bus grind to a sudden halt after rounding a corner, and finding the bus stop blocked by a city truck, the stop surrounded by yellow tape, and passengers relocated 20-30 feet further along the road.

Chris Lee

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