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Friday, January 9, 1998

Troubled youth need rehab, not prisons

I think that it is a damning indictment of a society that begins to lock up youth rather than try to salvage young lives.

Faith Evans and the members of the Olomana Community Association are typical of the "not in my backyard" mentality that plagues our society. We want the problems to disappear so the solution is warehousing human beings, somewhere, anywhere except in my back yard.

We can continue to build prisons and we will continue to fill them if nothing is done to rehabilitate.

Dave Endo
(Via the Internet)

Not only mom is to blame for little Cedra's murder

The recent death of 20-month-old Cedra Edwards is unacceptable. And the travesty of the governor's written statement defending the actions of the Child Protective Services is also unacceptable.

To have this precious child returned to her parent, and then to have been mercilessly beaten to death, cannot be justified, explained sufficiently and/or compromised.

The only solution is this: Human Services Director Susan Chandler and the agency worker assigned to this case must be tried right alongside the child's alleged murderer - her mother, Jennifer Chanel Edwards.

Furthermore, the people of Hawaii should reassess their choice for governor in the next election, especially since Cayetano defends an agency that is ineffective and has a track record of placing battered children in the position of being slaughtered every time they are placed under its "protection."

William Hoopii Makanui Jr.
Pearl City

State's best days are ahead when it comes to economy

In recent months, there have been those in the community who have viewed the current downturn in Hawaii's economy as "doom and gloom."

For years, the post-World War II period has been good for Hawaii. During this period, the Democratic Party came into power, and grew to maturation.

Some would say that, since 1990, Hawaii has begun a period of decline. Others argue that our archipelago is witnessing an ongoing evolutionary change.

Was this period, 1945-90, a "golden age" from which our community will look back nostalgically? Or is our community transforming into a new era?

Change is everywhere. In fact, it is said that the only thing that remains the same is change itself. There will always be change, wherever you go.

I believe that Hawaii's future remains bright. While we must remain vigilant about making wise choices in public policy, our best years are ahead.

Mike G.H. Chun

Kwon should not doubt prowess of UH athletes

Good evening, Star-Bulletin sports columnist Bill Kwon. Welcome to the Stan Sheriff Memorial Arena's new year's party. Grab a drink and I'll introduce you around.

So, what's your resolution for the new year? How about never, ever doubting the Rainbows or their fans again? That's something you should keep in mind whenever they enter a tournament.

Anyway, let's walk the room. There are some people here you obviously never met or maybe forgot about.

That tall guy in the corner with the knee braces, the frown and the Chaminade sticker stuck to his forehead is Ralph Sampson, who knows a little about upsets in the islands.

That shorter guy trying to remove the blemish from his Heisman trophy is Ty Detmer, and the guy standing over him, casting that long shadow, is former UH quarterback Garrett Gabriel.

Oh, and the guys still wiping the sweat from their brow in relief - that's the Notre Dame football team. Or maybe they were wiping away tears after their fiasco in Hawaii.

Wait, there's one more group I want you to meet - the tall guys drinking champagne out of that championship koa bowl. That's the University of Hawaii basketball team. Well, Bill, it's midnight so happy new year! May all old columns be forgot...

Marc Dixon

Klein should appoint trustees by himself

In this matter of choosing Bishop Estate trustees, I agree with the minority opinion of Justice Klein, the general leadership of the Hawaiian community and Princess Pauahi Bishop.

Since the justices have been acting as individuals in this matter, I don't see why Klein cannot continue to act as an individual, and make whatever appointments may prove to be necessary - until such time as his peers can agree with him about this.

I think the other justices could agree to this, because Klein has Hawaiian blood. Therefore, leaving these appointments up to him could be seen as a way of leaving Hawaiian affairs to Hawaiians.

Mike Keolomakapuu

Rell Sunn warmed others with glow of aloha spirit

I was very saddened to read about the recent death of Rell Sunn. I was on the radio in Hawaii for more than 10 years and had the pleasure to meet Rell in the early '80s. She was truly a rare individual who glowed with the spirit of aloha.

The first time you looked into her eyes you could feel that wonderful Hawaiian spirit all the way to her heart. She was a special friend and is truly missed. My prayers go out to her daughter and family.

Lan Roberts
Bonham, Texas
(Via the Internet)

Here is the truth about USS Missouri memorial

Some rumors and falsehoods have been spread recently about the USS Missouri Memorial Association's fund-raising efforts. The most recent example was Donald Barnhart's Dec. 27 letter to the editor. I would like to set the record straight:

We have received terrific support from local businesses and residents. We have secured a $5.5 million line of credit from seven Hawaii banks, the Hawaii Business Roundtable is raising $1 million, and the Honolulu Council and Pacific Region of the U.S. Navy League have committed to raising $600,000. This money will be used to prepare the battleship and have it towed from Bremerton, Wash.

Our national and international fund-raising campaign will be launched shortly. These funds will be used to develop the Missouri's permanent memorial at Ford Island. Since interest in this project has been very positive nationwide, we are confident of generating a broad base of financial support.

The association has NOT solicited money from mainland Japanese businesses. We did receive a few inquiries, and one of our board members had a casual conversation with the Japanese consul general in Honolulu, who was an old friend, to get his thoughts on the subject. But that is the extent of the matter.

The bottom line is this: The Battleship Missouri Memorial will be a proud and honorable tribute to all veterans, the U.S. Navy and the freedom that Americans everywhere enjoy.

Roy Yee
USS Missouri Memorial Association

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