By Dave Donnelly

Friday, November 28, 1997

She’s up to Herculean task

AS we all continue to digest our turkeys, millions of which gave their lives to satiate America on Thanksgiving Day -- thanks, guys -- life goes on. And while I'm sure the parents of "The Magnificent Seven" septuplets in Iowa are thankful, only beginning to become aware of what a chore lies ahead of them despite all the freebies being heaped upon them, Conan O'Brien might have been even too harsh for those of us tired of hearing about them. Wednesday night his sketch surrounding the parents was brutal. So instead of continuing to prattle on about the firstborn of the seven babies, nicknamed "Hercules," let's concentrate on another with the same name. Tiffini Hercules has become Miss Hawaii-USA for 1998 and will compete in Louisiana in March for the national Miss USA crown. The daughter of Korin Carter and Chuck Hercules, she says her dad informs everyone the family name comes from "a long line of super heroes in the family." And possibly, now, one heroine ...

SPEAKING of beauty queens, Tina Marie Placourakis, who held Tiffini's title in 1985, is not one to mess with. The wife of restaurateur Aaron Placourakis is now Hawaii's newest female karate champion. At the International Karate Do Championships, Tina, who is a purple belt, beat all of her opponents, even some with black belts. She amassed a total of seven medals and a five foot trophy as overall women's champ. And Aaron, who runs Sarento's and Nicholas Nickolas locally, wisely defers to her at every turn ...

Stars in the making

"I WENT to see the ballet stars Wednesday night." "Bolshoi!" "No, really I did." With apologies to Benny Hill for pilfering from one of his madcap routines, the "Young Generation of the Bolshoi Ballet" at the Concert Hall was a great introduction to the art form for those untutored in ballet or for youngsters with an eye to studying dance. On Wednesday there were literally hundreds of little girls in the audience, mostly with moms in tow, admiring the grace and athleticism of the 11 Russians who are perhaps the future stars of the Bolshoi. They perform again tonight, and tomorrow have both a matinee and an evening performance ...

IT had been five years since I'd seen old friend Gary Brechen, who heads up the Jaguar and Ferarri dealerships -- I just haven't been in the market -- and then on Wednesday I ran into him twice. Once was at Alfred's in Century Center having lunch and again at the ballet divertissements that evening ... After the show we joined old San Francisco pal Bob Mulcrevy at Lewer's Lounge to hear Loretta Ables and ran into basketball legend (and jazz fan) Pete Newell there. I introduced the two and Newell was surprised, to say the least, when Mulcrevy informed him he played basketball with Pete Jr. at St. Ignatius High School in S.F. ... Yet another San Franciscan has popped into town. Eddie Petrillo, who owns two restaurants in the City and is also a police commissioner there, flew in for a respite from the rains of S.F.

Cleaning up

IT'LL make for interesting cocktail party banter when the Honolulu Symphony's Lynne Johnson is asked about reports that Troy Donahue of "Hawaiian Eye" fame was spotted in the outdoor shower of her Sunset Beach house. The actor and his companion, mezzo-soprano Zheng Cao, had spent the day at the Johnson beachhouse, and Lynne showed she's nothing if not hospitable by offering the use of her shower ...

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