Letters to the Editor
Friday, September 12, 1997

Info on sex offenders
needs wider distribution

The police seem to be making it really hard for citizens to learn about sex offenders in their neighborhoods. Having the information available only at the downtown station, and then charging $5 a page for incomplete information, is too little too late.

A complete file of all individuals who meet the criteria of being a sex offender should be kept at every public library and at every police substation.

Even if the offender has not registered, his or her photo and last known address should be publicized.

Ron Kiyota
(Via the Internet)

Hawaii could learn
something from Florida

Since the Council on Revenues has a "bleak" view of our economic future, I thought it would a good idea to share some of the bright spots of our recent trip to Florida this summer.

My wife and I went there to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and they invited us to join them on a gambling cruise. There are several ports with ships that will take you over 10 miles and then cruise around for four hours of legal gambling before heading back to port.

Providing this legal approach to gambling is a good way to minimize its negative effects by having it relatively isolated and limited in duration. It also turns an illegal activity that costs taxpayers considerable sums to enforce into a tourist attraction that provides jobs and tax income.

I was surprised that there was no charge for the voyage -- only a $3 federal tax. The boat had three decks, with the lower two full of card tables and slot machines. It was very pleasant to look out and see the ocean while winning at blackjack.

We also had a great time with my brother and his family swishing down various water slides at one of five water parks just in the Orlando area.

With Hawaii having even better winter swimming conditions than Florida, it amazes me that the proponents of such clean, healthy fun can't seem to get the appropriate clearances here.

Wally Bachman
(Via the Internet)

Meeting Mother Teresa
could change one's life

Mother Teresa was and still is my hero.

In 1992, I was feeling very depressed about my life. One evening, while watching TV, a movie about her was shown. I sat there and cried, and wished that my life could have that much meaning and love.

I began reading books about her and doing some of the things that she wrote about. My life began to change for the better.

I left for Calcutta in July 1992 with one purpose in mind -- to meet her, thank her personally and to "give something back" by doing volunteer work in an orphanage, Shishu Bhawan.

I'll always remember that morning, July 12, 1992, when I waited outside her room. My knees and hands were trembling with excitement! She came out of her room, looked at me, took both of my hands and held them. She gazed into my eyes for a few seconds then asked, "What does God want you to do for Him?"

Those words touched my heart with so much love and warmth that I was speechless. I cried because that was the very same question I had been asking myself.

I learned so much from being with the orphans. It was an experience in giving and receiving unconditional love.

My life has changed tremendously since then. I found the answer I was seeking and now know the path to a happier life. The secret is being of service to others. Thank you, Mother Teresa, for touching my life!

Shirley Rivera
Christian Education Teacher
Epiphany School

Henry Peters, Terry Tom
are chameleon in character

Why am I not surprised to read that a Bishop Estate trustee Henry Peters has invested personal money in estate holdings, contrary to law and the estate's own rules? And why am I not surprised to learn that Rep. Terrance Tom is on a $50,000 annual retainer to the Bishop Estate?

Both have a history of blowing in the political and financial winds of the time that suit what they want and not what the voters and general public want.

Peters has always voted to suit the powers-that-be, both public and private.

Tom sides with the Democratic left, when it suits him. Then with the Republican right wing and religious conservatives, when that suits him.

Neither can be trusted with the keys to political power or the combinations to economic and fiduciary responsibility.

Bill Healy

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