Letters to the Editor
Friday, August 22, 1997

Bishop Estate faith
and furor

There's a simple solution:
Cut the trustees' salaries

The root cause for the majority of problems of the Bishop Estate stems from the enormous salaries paid to the trustees. If they were paid more realistic salaries, there would be far less concern regarding their appointment by the state Supreme Court justices.

As it stands now, there is great potential for temptation regarding the appointments. Give the trustees a reasonable salary and my guess is that a lot of the problems will be solved.

J. Michael Doolin
(Via the Internet)

Kamehameha is more
than academic institution

My life was touched by Ke Alii Pauahi. Words cannot fully express my profound gratitude, respect and love for this great woman. I know that fellow graduates, students and others of the Kamehameha ohana share these same feelings.

Kamehameha Schools reach far beyond academics: the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture and values, the building of moral character, the embracing of spirituality and living aloha in every part of our lives.

Pauahi's gift, a firmly grounded start in a young person's life, is as appropriate today as it was 100 years ago. It is probably difficult for the general community to fully understand how Kamehameha is so much more than just an academic institution. It is hope and opportunity. It is our children. It is our future. There is much that must be made pono. So much is at stake.

Linda K. Wong Seto-Mook
Kamehameha Schools
Class of 1971
(Via the Internet)

Four trustees should
ask princess' forgiveness

All participants involved in the selection of trustees, operation and management of the Bishop Estate Trust are in denial! They claim none of their actions were/are improper and all accusations are false; further, all actions past and present do not conflict with the will of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

The question is: How many nominations, awards, statements and directives made by these participants are acceptable to the princess? Community sentiment is that many will surely be banished for violation of the trust.

Let us ask all participants to go to Nuuanu and speak to the princess: "Forgive me for unethical behavior, problems created, arrogance and vindictiveness toward others.

"I promise to resolve the differences surrounding me honorably. I promise to support only the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trust and your wishes and not seek individual benefits or monetary gain."

If participants cannot ask forgiveness or promise...don't go. Be honorable and resign!

Clarence E. Self
Kamehameha Schools
Class of 1944
Pearl City

'Broken Trust' authors
were true collaborators

Bob Jones' column in Midweek ("Scooping the poop on Bishop trustees," Aug. 18) contains a number of statements and conclusions with which I disagree. Two of them warrant a response from me.

First, Jones writes, "Judge King admits that Roth was the originator (of the 'Broken Trust' article)," published Aug. 9 in the Star-Bulletin. While not inaccurate, my statement gives readers the wrong impression when placed in close proximity to Jones' personal conclusion that "the true author is UH law school professor Randall Roth."

Randy did prepare the first draft, and he was the one responsible for putting into written words all group decisions on what to say and how to say it. Readers familiar with the terminology used by law reform groups will recognize Randy's role as that of "reporter" for the group. Randy smilingly calls his role that of the "gofer," and likes to call himself "President of the Grunt Work Division."

This is not to minimize Randy's contribution to the substance of the article, which was just as great as that of any of the rest of us. But to imply that the article reflects the thoughts, analysis and conclusions of Randy Roth alone is simply wrong. Randy has gone to great lengths explaining this to everyone who has asked. The reason I'm the one writing this particular letter is that a statement of mine (that Randy was the "originator") seems to have played a role in Jones' thought process.

Second, Jones strongly implies that other co-authors and I felt "double-crossed" by something Randy did or didn't do. Nothing could be further from the truth. The five co-authors have enjoyed working together and have developed strong feelings of respect and trust for one another. The statement I made to Jones about the co-authors feeling "double-crossed" related to the actions of Jim Gatti, editor of the Honolulu Advertiser, and not to Randy Roth. Aloha kaua.

Samuel P. King

Gladys Brandt would have
made a wonderful trustee

"Frenchy" DeSoto says, everybody calm down. Nobody say anything; let the "good old boys" handle it ("Some key Hawaiians: Don't probe," Aug. 18).

Remember Richard Lyman? He never involved himself in micromanaging the Kamehameha Schools, and he was a former educator.

What about Gladys Brandt? She is a well-educated woman who was principal of the Kamehameha School for Girls. Auwe! She would have been a splendid trustee.

Some people say wait until Judge Patrick Yim finishes his fact-finding. Are they aware that the study concerns only the Kamehameha Schools, not the trustees' questionable investment practices?

These trustees are not gods, although some of them seem to think they are. They are just part of the "good old boys."

Alfred Akana
(Via the Internet)

A lot of money can lead
to an erosion of values

Charles Reed Bishop, in a 1904 personal letter to B.F. Dillingham, wrote, "Nothing is more trying to good character and sound judgment than great prosperity."

Princess Bernice is with us, and she is not alone. Can you hear na leo wawalo o ka hanehane (calling voices of the spirit)?

John Cotton Wright

Bishop Estate Archive

Magic Island is already
scarce on parking spaces

The suggestion of putting alternate parking locations for the new Convention Center at Magic Island is ridiculous! That is the busiest park in Hawaii for families to enjoy outdoor recreation, and many schools and organizations depend on it for their events.

The parking at Magic Island is geared for these people and, let me say, it gets pretty filled up on many days. If convention center parking is such a concern, why wasn't it thought of in the pre-planning stage or before selecting this site?

Lehua McColgan

Gambling allegations
against Aki are unbelievable

The gambling charges filed against state Sen. James Aki are false.

Senator Aki is a true friend to the people of the Waianae Coast. He helped start the Nanakuli Residents Association, of which I am currently president. He has advised people at risk of eviction. He got the Hawaii Housing Authority to install screen doors in our apartments. He donates his time to local churches and schools, but never raises funds for his own campaign.

Although he is a man of few words, the people of the Waianae Coast continue to vote for him because of his record of accomplishments.

If he were only interested in personal gain, why would he represent an area where the majority of the people struggle to survive?

Monique Ocampo

Economic task force?
Nah, just live aloha

Maybe it is time to go back to the old ways. When I was growing up in the 1940s and '50s, we helped each other with our problems. Today, business fights with labor and vice versa. All the economic conferences will not help.

We need to huki together. We need leaders of labor, business, religions, education, etc., to sit together to discuss a new plan for Hawaii. There is too much greed and corruption in our community.

This must be rooted out so that we have faith in each other. As one motto states, we must "Live aloha." I'm ready. Are you?

Stan Franco
Wailuku, Maui
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