By Dave Donnelly

Friday, July 25, 1997

Howard Dashefsky, Rick Ralston

Pflueger expects
honeymoon baby

THE recent marriage of local horsewoman Sandy Pflueger and Mark Philips, ex-consort of Princess Anne of Great Britain, is about to bear fruit. According to the reputable British magazine "Hello," the two are expecting a "honeymoon baby" in October, nine months after their marriage on a Hawaiian beach. It'll be the first child for Sandy, 42, who says she's thrilled. Philips, in best stiff upper lip British tradition, termed it "jolly good news." Princess Anne, who remains on good terms with her former husband, has congratulated the couple. Her children with Philips, Peter (19) and Sarah (16), also are said to be delighted. After the birth of the baby, the new parents are expected to move from the estate owned by Princess Anne (where Philips has lived since their divorce to be near his children) and move to a $3.5 million stud farm owned by Pflueger in Brookshire. Just think of that -- actually living at a Brookshire farm ...

IT'LL probably show up on some future "TV Bloopers" show. We're talking about the cutaway which CNN did for a five-minute local newscast from KITV. Trouble is, when the camera came on Howard Dashefsky, he had no idea he was on the air and all he could say before the screen went blank was, "I really have to pee." ... Then there's the marvelous press release about Kapono's 20th album, which is being unveiled tonight at 9:30 p.m. at the Pier Bar of the Aloha Tower Marketplace. It described the new album, "Home in the Islands," as "a copulation of unrecorded songs written by Kapono over the past two decades." Otherwise known as? ...

HER company is known as Griffin Group Inc., but president Diane A. Brusin isn't named Griffin. Does "Brusin Group" sound too much like a bunch of wrestlers? Brusin, a striking blonde Ph.D. from Yugoslavia, gives as well as she gets. A "Griffin" she explains, is a decorative element atop certain old buildings and meant as good luck. "We could have called it the Gargoyle Group, but then people would think we sold mouthwash." Beauty, brains and wit ...

King of the hang gliders

SAY congrats to the King of the Hang Gliders. We're referring to the interestingly named Duff King who just won the Hawaii State Championship for the fifth time. The champ is also something of a "Sky King," since he's been a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines for 10 years. And how were the 20 contestants judged? Each hang glider had to carry a camera with him and get shots over the Makapuu cliff starting point to Rabbit Island, to the lighthouse and back to the starting grid, a triangular course. The photos proved they completed the assigned course so there were no Rosie Ruizes in the air ...

AT the Kaanapali Beach Resort Association's annual media dinner at A Pacific Cafe in Ward Centre, travel writer John McDermott won a Maui trip for penning the cleverest caption to an old photo: "Shibayu Wannbung, the new president of the HVCB, etc., poses on her arrival with her husband, Chet Straight Arrow of Winslow, Arizona, who will be her assistant. 'This team will bring us a needed international flavor,' said John Brogan, chairman of the selection committee, before leaving for a new assignment in Saudi Arabia." ...

Black Tie?

CRAZY Shirts guru Rick Ralston marries girlfriend Michelle Goode tomorrow at the Moana Hotel. The dress is -- are you ready? -- black tie! Ralston doesn't rush into these things -- just ask Goode (and ready) -- but since they've been an item for 10 years now, he wanted it to be something special for the bride. Some 20 of his pals had a memorable bachelor party for the T-shirt king this week. He was whisked by limo to Ward Centre and into Paul Brown's new Salon & Day Spa, where he got the treatment literally from head to toes. From there it was off to Sarento's, where all joined in for a private fine wine and six-course feast in the Garden View Room. Rick's toast: "If you're going to get married, this is the best way to go." Tried hang gliding? ...

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