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Monday, June 23, 1997

Blatant anti-gay rhetoric
infects legal arguments

In reading numerous amicus briefs being submitted in the appeal on the same-gender marriage case, I am amazed by the ongoing misinformation, bordering on outright lies, coming from the opposition to equal rights.

Even Jay Alan Sekulow, attorney for well-known Christian televangelist Pat Robertson, is not immune to this questionable behavior.

Sekulow & Co., a mainland law firm representing some of Hawaii's elected legislators, still claims that Hawaii has a compelling interest in discouraging same-gender marriages, even though the state utterly failed to show any such interest.

Sekulow claims that "permitting same-sex marriages will undermine conventional marriage and place its contributions to society in jeopardy."

That's like saying legalizing interracial marriage would put same-race marriage in jeopardy. It didn't and neither will same-gender marriage jeopardize "conventional marriage."

Ken Scott

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Archery competition scores
bull's eye at state games

This month, I participated in my first Aloha State Games. The sport was archery, which consisted of two days of fun, fellowship and friendly rivalry with a couple hundred fellow shooters and spectators in beautiful Salt Lake District Park.

To run this event, it was necessary to first convert a ball diamond into a 22-lane range with large, effective and essentially identical back-stops with standard targets.

At the conclusion of the target round late Saturday afternoon, it was then necessary to make the target shooting arrangement disappear and replace it with some 40 3-D targets for Sunday's animal round.

In addition to the physical arrangements, it was necessary to organize and administer the records of a large number of shooters in a variety of categories, determined by sex, age and equipment used.

An incredible amount of volunteer effort was invested to make this event possible. Simply saying "thank you" seems inadequate.

I had a terrific time, and there seems no other way to express my appreciation for this great experience.

Larry, Nolan, the Six Pack Bushwackers, Girls in the Hood and other individuals deserve the thanks of participants.

My additional thanks to all of my impromptu coaches, whom I have plagued unmercifully over the last year.

Jerry Hucks

Plans to 'fix' Natatorium
won't improve landmark

The Honolulu City Council has budgeted $11.5 million for the restoration of the Natatorium. But the restoration, as proposed by the Friends of the Natatorium, has many inherent problems. These include:

Poor water quality and clarity, which can lead to health problems, drownings and lawsuits.

Inadequate parking and accessibility problems, especially for the local users of Kaimana Beach and nearby residents.

Overcrowding and overuse of the area by tourists as plans include a gift shop, a snack shop, a museum and sunset shows for visitors.

The city must do what is best for taxpaying citizens. Demolish the pool and bleachers, restore the arch, and create a new beach with toilets, changing rooms and showers.

Call Mayor Harris and your City Council member and let your voices be heard. Don't let the aggressive forces of tourism and development trample over the rights of citizens.

We deserve a beautiful, well-maintained, easily accessible beach and park where we can enjoy ourselves, relax, exercise and celebrate life.

Annie Sung Bernstein

What's with 'protection'
of special Hawaiian turtle?

This year was a banner year for the Hawaiian green sea turtle. In April, your state Senate passed a bill acknowledging fibropapilloma disease as a serious threat to the "honu," and now the U.S. Navy is doing what it can to help this threatened species.

However, I am baffled by the U.S. Navy's intentions of expanding its defense base of the turtle to include the French Frigate Shoals, its primary nesting site.

The Navy insists its new system is needed "because of a proliferation of short-range missiles capable of nuclear, chemical and biological destruction by more than 30 countries," and the French Frigate Shoals are part of the greater picture.

I am trying to believe this. But why would 30 countries want to attack the Hawaiian green sea turtle in its primary nesting habitat?

Few people feel the "honu" need rigorous defending more than I do and I certainly applaud the benevolence of your Navy. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is already doing a splendid job of protecting the French Frigate Shoals from intrusion.

Ursula Keuper-Bennett
Ontario, Canada
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