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Thursday, June 5, 1997



(PG) At Enchanted Lake, Kapolei, Pearlridge, Restaurant Row

Children of the Revolution

(R) At Varsity

Con Air

(R) At Aikahi, Kahala, Kam Drive-In, Kapolei, Keolu, Mililani, Pearl Highlands, Pearl West, Restaurant Row, Waikiki 3


Addicted to Love

Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan star in this far-fetched comedy about the darker side of love. At its best, the movie is fun, but it attempts the impossible task of being both nasty and ingratiating at the same time. (R) At Kahala, Kailua, Kapolei, Pearl Highlands, Pearl West, Restaurant Row


As a scary movie "Anaconda" is no more than middling. But if you look at it as a parody, you might find it howlingly funny. It's snake-bit by badness, which is the only thing that makes it tolerable. (PG-13) At Kapolei, Pearl West

Austin Powers: International

Man of Mystery

Mike Myers plays both British secret agent Austin Powers and his arch-rival Dr. Evil. The two have been in a deep freeze for 30 years and when they emerge, must not only deal with each other, but also with being hopelessly out of date. Director Jay Roach's farce is simply groovy. (PG-13) At Cinerama, Kailua, Kapolei, Pearl Highlands, Pearl West


Kurt Russell plays an average man battling malevolent strangers who have kidnapped his wife. Exhausting, terrifying movie brings to the screen your worst fears and nightmares. (R) At Kapolei, Pearl West

Chasing Amy

A smart, heartfelt romantic comedy/drama about girl trouble, boy trouble, and every imaginable trouble in between. Stars Ben Affleck and Jason Lee. (R) At Varsity

Father's Day

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, together for the first time outside of a Comic Relief broadcast, play two guys searching for a mutual former girlfriend's runaway son. Each thinks he's the father, of course, and if it sounds like another remake of a French farce, it is. (PG-13) At Cinerama, Kahala, Laie

The Fifth Element

High-gloss, imaginative looks and almost no story values distinguish this movie in which Bruce Willis stars as a cab driver who gets involved in some futuristic war between good and evil. (PG-13) At Kahala, Kapolei, Keolu, Nanakuli, Pearl West, Restaurant Row

Gone Fishin'

In this formulaic Walt Disney comedy, Danny Glover and Joe Pesci play best buddies who reel in more than they bargained for when they win a fishing trip. (PG) At Enchanted Lake, Kahala, Kapolei, Restaurant Row, Pearl West

Liar Liar

Jim Carrey plays a scummy lawyer forced to tell the truth for 24 hours. As usual, Carrey and his facial and bodily contortions make up the whole show. (PG-13) At Kapolei, Pearl West

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Plot and human characters are given little consideration in this "Jurassic Park" sequel, but the special effects are astounding. Never before have imaginary, extinct animals been so convincing as aggressive, active antagonists. (PG-13) At Aikahi, Kahala, Kam Drive-In, Kapolei, Keolu, Koko Marina, Laie, Mililani, Nanakuli, Pearl Highlands, Pearlridge, Pearl West, Restaurant Row, Waikiki 1

Night Falls on Manhattan

This Sidney Lumet movie is a tough, dramatically effective probing of moral issues. Andy Garcia plays an assistant district attorney faced with difficult questions of justice and personal loyalty. (R) At Kahala

'Til There Was You

This romantic trifle follows the intertwined lives of Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dylan McDermott before the future lovers finally meet. (PG-13) At Kahala, Kailua, Kapolei

Trial and Error

"Seinfeld's" Michael Richards plays an actor who poses as his buddy, an attorney (Jeff Daniels), when the lawyer is too hung over from his bachelor party to report to court to defend a man on trial for fraud. (PG-13) At Enchanted Lake, Kapolei, Koko Marina, Mililani, Pearl Highlands, Pearlridge, Restaurant Row, Waikiki 2

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