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Friday, May 30, 1997


"Lost In Paradise": Constance Han Stewart, $11, 139 pages, Fithian Press

Seven fictional short stories about the human heart. Stewart's stories deal with love, death and the quest for relationships with Hawaii as the setting.

"Merchant Prince of the Sandalwood Mountains: Afong and the Chinese in Hawaii": Bob Dye, $45, 230 pages, University of Hawaii Press

Biography of Hawaii's first Chinese millionaire whose business empire stretched across the Pacific to Hawaii and the mainland.

"Dreaming Hawaii: An Island Story": Iris Pasquet, $8.95, 65 pages, Hawaiian Service Inc.

Colorful pictures of the islands intertwined with stories and poems of Hawaii. Aunt Livia, who left her family at 15 to follow her love to Hawaii, returns home to California, sharing stories of Hawaii.

"Go For Broke": Chester Tanaka, $39.95, 171 pages, Presidio Press

History of the Japanese-American 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442d Regimental Combat Team with many photographs.

"Angel and Tutu": Helen M. Swanson, $6.95, 112 pages, Bess Press

Adventure story of 12-year-old Angel and his pals Rollo and Keoni. For upper elementary grades.

"Na Mo'olelo Hawai'i o Ka Wa Kahiko: Stories of Old Hawaii": Roy Kakulu Alameida, $30.95 (hardcover) or $11.95 (paperback), 124 pages, Bess Press

Retelling of 45 traditional Hawaiian children stories including the earliest tales of creation and peopling of the Hawaiian Islands.

"The Crustacean Codex": Thomas Suarez, $17.50, 142 pages, Terra Nova Press

A former Hawaii resident, Suarez gives his provocative view of life through an exotic adventure of two shrimps.


April 1997 Favorites
Children's books
1. Fishes of Hawaii Susan and Thomas Kelly, Bess Press (BP)
2. The Goodnight Gecko Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading (1)
3. Three Whales Who Won the Heart of the World Suzanne Kita, Island Heritage (IH) (2)
4. Rainbow Readers Resi J. Ditzel, BP
4. The Musubi Man Sandi Takayama and Pat Hall, BP (6)
6. The Legend of the Laughing Gecko Bruce Hale, Geckostufs (4)
7. Gecko Hide and Seek Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading (3)
8. Tales of Tutu Nene and Nele Gale Bates, IH
9. The Legend of Guava Bear Gale Bates, IH (8)
10. The Whale Who Wanted to Be Small Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading

Gift and travel
1. Viewbook (series) Douglas Peebles, Hawaiian Resources (1)
2. Scenic Hawaii Series IH (2)
3. With Sam Choy: Cooking from the Heart Sam Choy, Mutual Publishing (MP)
4. The Choy of Cooking Sam Choy and Catherine Enomoto, MP
5. Maui -- The Valley Isle Allan Seiden, IH
6. Islands of Hawaii Ray Helbig, Hawaiian Service (6)
7. Hawaii's Catch of the Day Kristine Vassey Smith, MP
8. Hawaii Blossoms Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves, IH
9. Maui on My Mind Rita Ariyoshi, MP (4)
10. Hawaii Cooks From the Garden Maili Yardley, MP

1. Chicken Skin: True Spooky Stories of Hawai'i Rick Carroll, BP (3)
2. Hawaiian Journey Joseph Mullins, MP (2)
3. Hawaiian Names English Names Eileen Root, Press Pacifica (6)
4. Obake Files Glen Grant, MP (4)
5. All About Hawaiian Al Schutz, University of Hawai'i Press (10)
6. Shoal of Time Gavan Daws, UH Press (5)
7. Na Mele O Hawaii Nei Samuel Elbert and Noelani Mahoe, UH Press
8. Hawaii: Truth Stranger Than Fiction LaRue W. Piercy, MP
9. Fornander's Ancient History of the Hawaiian People Abraham Fornander, MP(7)
10. Obake -- Ghost Stories in Hawaii Glen Grant, MP

1. Myths and Legends of Hawaii W.D. Westervelt, MP (2)
2. Twilight Over Burma: My Life as a Shan Princess Inge Sargent, UH Press
3. Legends and Myths of Hawaii David Kalakaua, MP (1)
4. Mark Twain in Hawaii Mark Twain, Mutual Publishing (7)
5. The Betrayal of Liliuokalani Helena G. Allen, MP (6)
6. A Hawaiian Reader edited by A. Grove Day and Carl Stroven, MP (4)
7. Stories of Hawaii Jack London, MP (8)
8. Horror in Paradise edited by A. Grove Day and Bacil Kirtley, MP
9. Teller of Hawaiian Tales Eric Knudsen, MP
10. Hawaiian Mythology Martha Beckwith, UH Press (10)

1. Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Birds H. Douglas Pratt, MP (2)
2. Hawaii's Birds Hawaii Audubon Society, IH (1)
3. New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary Mary Pukui and Samuel Elbert, UH Press
4. Tropical Trees of Hawaii Dorothy & Bob Hargreaves, IH
5. Atlas of Hawaii O.A. Bushnell, Gavan Daws and Andrew Berger, IH (7)
6. Handy Hawaiian Dictionary Compiled by Henry P. Judd, Mary Kawena Pukui and John F.G. Stokes, MP
7. Camping Hawai'i: A Complete Guide Richard McMahon, UH Press
8. Pearl Harbor: The Way It Was Scott C.S. Stone, IH (6)
9. Hawai'i: A Floral Paradise Douglas Peebles and Leland Miyano, MP
10. Trees of Hawaii Angela Kay Kepler, UH Press

These are best-selling books in Hawaii during the period noted.
Figures are courtesy of the Hawaii Book Publishers Association and
Book-lines distributors, and reflect sales by Hawaii-based publishers.
A star () denotes a title that has been on the
market at least five years or more; a number in parenthesis
indicates a title's previous ranking.

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