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Thursday, March 20, 1997


Liar Liar

Jim Carrey plays a scummy lawyer forced to tell the truth for 24 hours. Carrey's facial and bodily contortions make up the whole show. (PG-13) At Aikahi, Enchanted Lake, Kapolei, Laie, Mililani, Nanakuli, Pearlridge West, Restaurant Row, Waikiki 2


See review at left. (PG) At Enchanted Lake, Kapolei, Pearlridge, Restaurant Row

Sling Blade (Star rating unavailable

This Southern tragedy is a journey into the very heart of evil. (R) At Aikahi, Kapolei, Koko Marina


Absolute Power

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this total bore of a film about a thief who witnesses a murder, then finds himself in the middle of a big time presidential cover-up. (R) At Kahala, Kapolei, Pearlridge West

Booty Call

This paean to safe sex is an comic mix of the politically correct and outre stereotyping. (R) At Kapolei, Pearlridge West, Restaurant Row

City of Industry

Harvey Keitel stars in this engrossing character study as a cunning bandit who becomes involved in a showdown with a ruthless associate (Stephen Dorff). (R) At Kapolei, Pearlridge West

Dante's Peak

Volcano disaster movie, starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton, offers an impressive last 15 minutes of magmatic fire power. But the rest is formulaic Hollywood disaster flick. (PG-13) At Kapolei, Pearlridge West

Donnie Brasco

A low-level hit man (Al Pacino) recruits a promising young thief (Johnny Depp) who is an agent for the FBI. The stars do a great job complementing each other's performance. (R) At Kahala, Kam Drive-In, Kapolei, Keolu, Pearlridge West, Restaurant Row

The Empire Strikes Back

The second installment of the "Star Wars" canon is as impressive as any enthusiast could have hoped. (PG) At Kahala, Kapolei, Pearlridge

The English Patient

This adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's romantic novel of wartime passion has been nominated for 12 Oscars. (R) At Kailua, Kapolei, Varsity

Fools Rush In

Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry star in a romantic comedy as a Mexican spitfire and Connecticut WASP who impetuously elope. (PG-13) At Kahala, Kapolei, Mililani, Pearlridge West


Kenneth Branagh's four-hour film version of William Shakespeare's play is robust and resplendent. The length allows every detail of intrigue to be spelled out in vivid and compelling terms. (PG-13) At Varsity

Jerry Maguire

A modern morality play in which Tom Cruise plays a sports agent who dishonors himself by being honest. Nominee for Best Picture, Best Actor (Cruise), Best Supporting Actor (Cuba Gooding), screenplay and film editing Oscars. (R) At Kahala, Kam Drive-In, Kapolei, Mililani

Jungle 2 Jungle

The movie is a rote fish-out-of-water story about a commodities trader who brings his Amazonian forest-raised son back to New York. (PG) At Enchanted Lake, Kahala, Kapolei, Laie, Mililani, Nanakuli, Pearlridge, Restaurant Row

Love Jones

A love story set among black bohemians in contemporary Chicago features Lorenz Tate and Nia Long. (R) At Kapolei, Keolu, Pearlridge West, Restaurant Row

Marvin's Room

Bessie (Diane Keaton) has put 20 years of her life on hold to care for her dying father, Marvin (Hume Cronyn), and a dotty aunt (Gwen Verdon). Estranged hard-case sister, Lee (Meryl Streep), returns when Bessie discovers that she has leukemia. (PG-13) At Kahala, Kapolei

National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

The Griswolds visit the playgrounds of the Nevada desert. Their adventure can join the legions of losers who gambled on Vegas. (PG) At Pearlridge West

Private Parts

"I'm a disgusting, sexist, racist pig with the maturity of a 3-year-old," Howard Stern claims, and in "Private Parts" he proves it. (R) At Kam Drive-In, Kapolei, Keolu, Pearlridge West, Restaurant Row, Waikiki 1

Return of the Jedi

The last part of the "Star Wars" trilogy wraps up the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo. (PG) At Kahala, Kapolei, Keolu, Mililani, Pearlridge, Restaurant Row, Waikiki 3

Secrets & Lies

Director Mike Leigh's study of the way pain and unacknowledged feelings can poison families is powerful and cathartic. Received six Oscar nominations. (R) At Kailua, Kapolei, Koko Marina, Restaurant Row


Australian filmmaker Scott Hicks tells the story of a prodigy, pianist David Helfgott, driven to madness by a possessive father, and saved by strangers. Nominated for seven Oscars. (PG-13) At Cinerama

The Silent Trigger (Star rating unavailable)

Dolph Lundgren stars in this action film. It must be pretty violent or something because no one under 17 will be admitted. (Unrated) At Kapolei, Pearlridge West

Star Wars: The Special Edition

This rerelease features some new footage, enhanced special effects and a digital THX soundtrack. (PG) At Pearlridge West

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