By Dave Donnelly

Thursday, February 13, 1997

Perry Sorenson, Kim Gennaula

Here’s one who’s not

AS Jay Leno was preparing to show a clip of his guest, Carrie Fisher, on the "Tonight" show, he asked derisively, "Is there an earthling who hasn't seen 'Star Wars.'?" Yes, as a matter of fact. I've never been a sci-fi fan and was so overwhelmed by the hype surrounding the film when it came out 20 years ago that I felt I'd seen enough of it without actually going to the theater. Now that it's been re-released with all the modern digitalization, and is once again the top-grossing picture in release, maybe I'll break down and go. George Lucas seems to have started something, because Paramount is now planning to re-release Francis Ford Coppola's epic "Godfather" films on the 25th anniversary of its opening. Who needs sequels? Just re-release the reel thing ...

WHAT a great opportunity for Outrigger Hotels CEO Perry Sorenson to promote Hawaii tourism, by entering the National Geographic Travel Magazine's ad industry photo contest. He was one of nine honorable mention award winners, too, which means his photo has joined the first, second and third place winners and the other honorable mentionables on a four-color calendar. So what scene did Sorenson capture to win his award? Well, the photo is entitled "Reflections on Cotswolds, Lower Slaughter, England." Better luck next time, Hawaii. In fairness to Sorenson, it is a nice photo ...

IF you've seen photos of the Eroica Trio, which performs Tuesday at the Hawaii Theatre, you'll probably agree that it's the best looking musical group performing today. And the women in the trio are not just lovely to look at. Erika Nickrena, Adela Pena and Sara Sant'Ambrogio on piano, violin and cello respectively, are musically enticing as well. And yes, if there was a "t" in the middle of their name, the Eroica Trio would be attracting a far different crowd ...


A GROUP of young people were talking about Kiss and Gene Simmons, the most famous member of the group, when Dr. David Eith demonstrated the gap of gaps. 'You know who Jean Simmons was married to, don't you?' he asked 'Sure,' came the response, 'Cher.' 'No, Stewart Granger,' he said, thereby failing to bridge both a generation and gender gap. And if Pat Boone can get his first Billboard Top 100 hit since 1962 with a heavy metal album and go around in leather and fake tattoos, maybe Don Ho can return to the charts for the first time since 'Tiny Bubbles' with a take-off on Kiss, complete with painted face. He WAS known for kissing grandmas after all.

TOMORROW'S Valentine's Day, it breaks my heart (and will do likewise for many other red-blooded guys) to report that KGMB's weather reporter, Kim Gennaula, appears to be forecasting romance for tomorrow. She created original artwork on a bowl at Fire It Up, a new shop on Monsarrat where you can paint your own pottery, and word is it's going to be a Valentine's gift for some lucky guy ...

PEOPLE who are supposed to be in the know on these matters tell me that plans are moving ahead for a complex of shops and restaurants behind the old Post Office Building downtown. A person involved in the project says there'll be 120 separate enterprises and that 60 of them are already spoken for ... And despite the financial problems the owners of Aloha Tower Marketplace seem to be having, plans for a 350-400 room hotel are still in the works ...

Dr. Kildare's rug

NOW we're not suggesting Richard Chamberlain wears a hairpiece, so don't jump to conclusions. But he has donated a rug to the Ho'omana'olana's fund-raising "Hearts in Hollywood" auction tomorrow night at Planet Hollywood. So if you show up at the restaurant then and stumble over a Persian rug, you've not wandered into Maharaja by mistake. Chamberlain contributed the rug, which he's had since Dr. Kildare days, to help raise money for AIDS housing programs such as Gregory House. Other celebs such as Rob Lowe and Sammy Hagar also contributed autographed items ...

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