Letters to the Editor
Thursday, January 16, 1997

Those falsely accused of rape
deserve sympathy

I cannot believe Diane Chang's Jan. 13 column, "Not only the Cowboys merit an apology." Two men are cleared of rape charges, and she writes, "It was the absolute worst possible news for anyone who cares about how wahine are treated in this world."

It is as if it would have been better if the men had raped the woman!

Chang further rhetorically asks, "What's worse than being raped?" Well, I'll tell you a close second is being falsely accused of rape, molestation or sexual harassment. In this politically correct world, you are guilty until proven innocent.

R.D. Greenamyer

Tips to avoid the risk
of being date-rape statistic

In response to your Jan. 6 editorial, "Date-rape drug ban," we offer the following strategies to decrease, to the extent possible, the risk of date rape:

Set limits. Decide what you want to do sexually. How far is far enough? Be aware of peer pressure and stereotypes. Forced sexual activity is not "cool" - it is a crime punishable by up to a 20-year prison sentence.

Communicate and be assertive. State your limits. If your date cares for you, he will respect your feelings. Say what you mean. If you don't like something, say so, clearly and definitely.

Observe your date's behavior. Warning signs of a potentially dangerous relationship include jealousy, the need to control your behavior or what happens on the date, not respecting your feelings or frequently being angry.

Be alert and in charge. Know that drugs and alcohol can affect how you and your partner make decisions, and that many date rapes occur in this context.

Be aware of non-verbal messages. You have the right to dress and act as you choose, but be aware of the signals you may be sending and possible misunderstandings that might result.

Trust your feelings. If a person or situation makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut feeling and get out quickly. Don't worry about creating a scene.

Adriana Ramelli
Sex Abuse Treatment Center

‘Gay community’
didn’t publish list of demands

Janice Judd told a lie in her Jan. 10 letter to the editor. She led your readers to believe that a gay news magazine had published a list of demands from the entire gay community.

The truth is that opinion piece was written by a single gay person and not representative of gays nationwide. I wasn't surprised that Judd did this. It is an old trick used by religious political extremists in their crusade to deny gay Americans the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and impose their religious beliefs upon all Americans.

It's time for Judd to reread the Ten Commandments, especially the part about bearing false witness.

Todd W. Ruopp
Washington, D.C.

Murderer of Don Gillis
should be behind bars

On Dec. 28, a Star-Bulletin story stated that federal prosecutors charged Duane Staggs with second-degree murder in the death of Don Mike Gillis and with using a firearm in a violent crime. A guilty plea is expected to be entered. This is pertinent information.

The reporter's inclusion of statements made by Stagg's mother-in-law, Kathi Cavaco, which are clearly impertinent to the context of the article, is disturbing.

I do not question your newspaper's right to print opinions praising this criminal. It is disturbing, however, that Cavaco is sidestepping the evidence that her son-in-law attempted to harm her own daughter as well.

Don Mike Gillis was a loving son, husband, father and grandfather, my brother-in-law's best friend, and a strong and gentle uncle to my sons. He was a valuable human being.

Our family is just one of hundreds touched by the life and loss of this man. We will miss him terribly.

The media have compounded our grief with insensitivity and innuendo. I hope the next time we read about Duane Staggs, it will be nothing more than informing us that he has served the maximum penalty possible.

Leo Anderson Akana

City restroom facility
is disgusting to tourists

Those who are wringing their hands over the low tourist counts in Waikiki need to look at the sorry state of the termite-eaten public facility at Waikiki Beach as a major cause.

Since Nov. 1, the only public men's restroom from Fort DeRussy to the zoo at Kuhio Beach has had a toilet partition and door missing, and a sink missing (There are only two men's toilet stalls!).

Repeated calls for repair to the city's Waikiki park superintendent, managing director's office, park's maintenance director, Willy Chang's office and the mayor's office get no results.

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went with this vital public facility not fixed. Still no repairs as of Jan. 13.

Random checks often show from 10-20 anxious males waiting in a line to use the one toilet. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mayor Harris!

R. Rodman
Waikiki Residents Association

Same-sex archive

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