Yule craft fun

Moke Seal is getting ready for Christmas.
Join him in making some stuff
for the holidays.

Star-Bulletin staff

Here are directions for three projects from "175 Easy-to-Do Christmas Crafts" edited by Sharon Dunn Umnik ($6.95, Boyds Mill Press).

Paper plate Christmas tree

To make the tree pictured at right you'll need two 9-inch white paper plates, watercolors, scissors, red poster board, glue, brown and yellow paper, self-stick reinforcement rings, markers, glitter and yarn.

1. Paint the plates with green watercolor. Cut them in half. Cut one section in half again.

2. On a square piece of the poster board, arrange the plate pieces to shape a tree, then glue each piece in place.

3. Cut a rectangle of brown paper to make the tree trunk and glue it in place.

4. Color reinforcements with markers. Place them on the tree. Drop a little glue in each reinforcement hole and sprinkle with glitter.

5. Cut a star out of yellow paper. Spread with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Glue the star to the top of the tree.

6. Glue a loop of yarn to the back of the poster board to use as a hanger.

Reindeer sock puppet

To make a reindeer sock puppet like the one on the left you'll need paper (white, and if you can get them, assorted colors), a pencil or pen, scissors, markers, two spring-type clothespins, glue, a brown sock, a red pompom, ribbon (green looks particulary festive) and a small bell.

1. Make the antlers by tracing your hands on paper. Cut out the antlers and add details with markers. Glue the antlers to the clothespins.

2. Cut out eyes, eyelashes and a mouth with a tongue from paper. If you don't have colored paper you can color the features with markers.

3. Lay the sock, bottom up, on a table. Arrange the eyes, eyelashes and mouth on the sock, leaving the heel area for the antlers. When you like the arrangement, glue the features in place. Glue on the pompom for a nose.

4. Tie the bell to the ribbon with a bow. Glue the bow on the leg area of the sock, which will be the reindeer's neck.

5. Place your hand in the sock and clip the antlers on the heel of the sock.

Yarn snowflakes

To make yarn snowflakes like those at right hanging from a Christmas tree you'll need old newspapers, white glue, a shallow disposable container, white yarn, scissors, a large plastic lid, glitter (crystal or silver glitter works best) and heavy thread.

1. Cover your work space with old newspapers.

2. Squeeze some glue into the disposable container.

3. Cut pieces of yarn.

4. Dip the yarn pieces in the glue. Press the yarn through your fingers to remove excess glue.

5. Place the yarn pieces on the plastic lid to create snowflake shapes. Let dry.

6. Peel the dry snowflakes off the lid. Brush a little glue on each snowflake and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry again.

7. Tie a loop of thread on each to use as a hanger.

8. Use the snowflakes to decorate gifts, as Christmas tree ornaments or in a window arrangement.

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