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Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Ornellas plans
football return

QUESTION: What ever happened to former all-state St. Louis High School running back George Ornellas who quit the University of Hawaii football team twice? I last read that he was living with a relative in Oregon and was considering enrolling at a school there?

ANSWER: Ornellas, who left the Rainbows midway through the 1995 season, is currently enrolled as a student at the University of Hawaii, coaching junior varsity football at his prep alma mater and planning a return to the gridiron.

Ornellas reportedly did spend some time in Oregon but is now back in Honolulu.

"He's planning to get on with his football career," said St. Louis head coach Cal Lee. "He's one of the better athletes to ever play the game in this state. ... I think he has his head screwed on properly. It's just a matter of waiting."

He'll regain his collegiate eligibility next season, Lee said.

"It has nothing to do with the coaches or the players or anything else," Ornellas said last October in announcing his departure. "It's me. I'm just tired, man. I have no fun out there, no drive. I've kind of lost the desire to play."

But apparently things have changed and Ornellas is getting ready to play next year, Lee said.

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