Letters to the Editor
Tuesday, November 5, 1996

Menor strongly supports
real estate education

Concerning your coverage of the continuing education waivers for real estate licensees, you stated that the waiver language was included in a Senate bill by the House Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee, headed by Rep. Ron Menor.

On behalf of the Hawaii Association of Realtors, I would like to state that Rep. Menor has been a strong supporter of the continuing education program for real estate licensees. He and other members of his committee were instrumental in getting legislation passed in 1995 to make the program permanent.

Moreover, Rep. Menor has always been responsive to the concerns of our association, and has conducted committee hearings on real estate and consumer issues in an open and fair manner.

Our organization feels that these points need to be made because you have portrayed him and members of his committee in an unfavorable light.

Bill Ramsey
Legislative Committee
Hawaii Association of Realtors

Those who want waivers
may need classes most

I am a real estate licensee in two states, including Hawaii. I satisfy continuing education requirements in both states despite the fact that I am not currently active in real estate.

As any practicing Realtor knows, the past few years have seen major changes in the industry, including property disclosure requirements, agency disclosure requirements, and buyer brokerage, to name just a few. The eligibility for continuing education waivers in Hawaii, aside from the politics involved, defies logic.

Those receiving waivers, long-standing licensees and those not active in real estate are precisely those most likely to be operating under old rules and perceptions. They are the licensees most in need of continuing education.

Robert R. Kessler

If a class is mandatory,
everybody should take it

Your Oct. 24 article on real estate education waivers is another example of how people in power use their positions to manipulate laws for their own benefit.

My father-in-law started his business in 1953. He had to take continuing education classes or forfeit his license. He is 79 years old! If my father-in-law and everyone else can do it, so should every single person conducting business in a regulated trade requiring continuing education - no exceptions!

If the classes are as easy as Oswald Stender of Bishop Estate contends, then he should take the test. As for it being a waste of time, so what? It is a requirement.

Carrie Weatherwax

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