Monday, November 4, 1996

Exercise your right to vote tomorrow

IT'S almost over. Tomorrow is election day, decision time for the voters. We hope you will be one of them and help increase the turnout from the dismal record low of the primary election - on Oahu only 53 percent of registered voters. By neglecting to vote, you forfeit your right to participate in democratic decision-making.

The Star-Bulletin announced its endorsements last week, but here is a refresher: for president, Bill Clinton; for the 1st Congressional District, Orson Swindle; for the 2nd Congressional District, Patsy Mink; for mayor of Honolulu, Jeremy Harris; for Honolulu city prosecutor, Peter Carlisle; for the state Board of Education, Denise Matsumoto, Ron Mata, Dan Anderson, Lex Brodie and Thomas Kam. We recommend all of them but most of all we recommend that you exercise your right to vote.

Constitutional Amendments

NO 1. Shall there be a convention to propose a revision of or amendments to the Constitution?

YES 2. Shall the State Constitution be amended to authorize the use of revenue bonds to finance a loan program to make loans to state property insurance programs that provide hurricane insurance coverage to the general public?

YES 3. Shall the State be allowed to appropriate the funds of the state educational facilities improvement special funds for periods beyond three years to allow for acquisition or construction of public school facilities.

YES 4. Should the exception that permanently prevents the lapsing of unencumbered general obligation bond funds which are deemed necessary by the Legislature to qualify for federal aid financing and reimbursement be removed from the provision that requires the lapsing of all unencumbered funds at the end of each fiscal period?

Honolulu City Charter

YES 1. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to establish a Fire Commission with the responsibility of appointing and removing the Fire Chief and performing other duties concerning the Fire Department?

YES 2. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to provide for Council confirmation of the mayoral appointments to the positions of Director of Wastewater Management and Director of Human Resources and to clarify that the Director of Human Resources shall be appointed and may be removed by the Mayor?

YES 3. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to change the name of the Department of Human Resources to the Department of Community and Social Resources to more accurately describe the programs and services of the department?

NO 4. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to prohibit a City officer, under certain situations, from: (1) advocating the appointment or promotion of the officer's relative to a City position; or (2) Appointing or promoting the officer's relative to a city position.

YES 5. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to provide that the Executive Secretary to the Neighborhood Commission be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council, and may be removed by the Mayor?

YES 6. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to provide the board or commission members may be removed from office pursuant to City policies and procedures established by ordinance?

YES 7. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to make the provisions of the Charter relating to City "officers," including the City's ethical standards of conduct, apply to the City Prosecutor as they currently apply to the City's other elected officials, the Mayor and City Council members?

YES 8. Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to dissolved the Public Transit Authority, transfer its powers, duties, and functions to the Department of Transportation Services, create a Transportation Commission to review and make recommendations on certain activities of the Department and its Director, and make conforming amendments?

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