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Friday, November 1, 1996

Used books for sale

Hawaii Medical Library continues its sale of medical and nursing texts and some nonmedical books, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow. Call 536-9302.

Kaneohe Friends of the Library have book, magazine and record bargains 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow in the library's basement, 45-829 Kamehameha Highway.

Writers meet

Barnes & Noble hosts a writers group 2 p.m. Sunday.

The local chapter of the National Writers Association has a manuscript critique 7 p.m. Tuesday at Manoa Gardens, 2790 Kahaloa Drive. Call Robert Tanouye at 845-9585.

The Writers Group at Borders, Waikele, offers feedback 6:30 p.m. Nov. 7.

Author signings

Charles Knief offers his private-eye novel "Diamond Head," 7:30 p.m. today at Barnes & Noble, and 11:30 a.m. tomorrow at Honolulu Book Shops, Ala Moana.

Jay Hartwell introduces Hawaiians who keep their traditions alive in his new book "Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today," 11 a.m. tomorrow at Honolulu Book Shops, Kailua Shopping Center, and 1 p.m. at Honolulu Book Shops, Ala Moana.

Sandi Takayama shares her children's book, "The Musubi Man," tomorrow at Kahala Mall, noon at Barnes & Noble and 2 p.m. at Waldenbooks.

Glen Grant presents his latest book, "Obake Files," 1 p.m. tomorrow at Barnes & Noble, 3 p.m. tomorrow at Honolulu Book Shops, Ala Moana, and 2 p.m. Sunday at Borders, Waikele.

Frank Wall talks about his book "Where Did Mary Go?" 7 p.m. Thursday at Barnes & Noble.

Helen Chapin shares her book on Hawaii's newspapers, "Shaping History," 3 p.m. Nov. 8 at Borders, Waikele.


The Women's Reading Group talks about Isabel Allende's "Eva Luna," 6:30 p.m. Sunday at Borders, Waikele.

Romance Readers discuss Karen Robards' "Hunter's Moon," 7 p.m. Tuesday at Barnes & Noble.

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THIS listing of new books about Hawaii or by Hawaii writers is published on the last Friday of each month in the Star-Bulletin.

Friday, November 1, 1996

"Shark Bites: True Tales of Survival": Greg Ambrose, $9.95, 144 pages, Bess Press

The author, a surfer and the Star-Bulletin's ocean reporter, retells the stories of 16 survivors of shark attacks. With illustrations by Kevin Hand and maps by Bryant Fukutomi.

"Watermelon Magic: Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life": Wally Amos and Stu Glauberman, $14.95, 116 pages, Beyond Words Publishing

"Talk from the soul" of the founder of Famous Amos Cookies uses watermelons as a metaphor for life, encouraging people to break their own stereotypes.

"From Royal Garden to Gothic Splendor": Rianna M. Williams, $20, 160 pages, St. Andrew's Cathedral

History of St. Andrew's Cathedral features full-page reproductions of stained glass windows (in color on cover, black-and-white inside). The book describes fund-raising to build St. Andrew's, one of the country's oldest Episcopal cathedrals, and how texts were translated into Hawaiian.

"The Woman in the Moon": Jama Kim Rattigan, $15.95, 30 pages, Little, Brown and Company

Polynesian folktale tells how Hina, a woman who strives to make the best tapa, comes to live in the moon. The tale is given a contemporary perspective, with details on the making and use of tapa and an author's note explaining her version. Carla Golembe provides illustrations .

"Obake Files": Glen Grant, $15, 272 pages, Mutual Publishing

Supernatural tales of Hawaii collected from various sources concern everything from haunted buildings and sacred stones to menehune and visions of Pele.

"So Grows the Willow": Sylvia L. Leong, $11.95, 199 pages, Vantage Press

Memoir of the Leong family's return to China from Hawaii in the late 1920s. Although at the time the author was a baby, she captures the family's time in Canton through their recollections.

"Artists/Hawaii": Joan Clarke and Diane Dods, $35, 133 pages, University of Hawai'i Press

Profiles of 22 contemporary Hawaii artists nominated by their peers, featuring four signature works from each artist. The artists include Satoru Abe, Gaye Chan, Franco Salmoiraghi and Toshiko Takaezu.

"The Hawaiian Journal of History": Edited by Michael E. Macmillan, $12, Hawaiian Historical Society

Vol. 30 (1996) contains articles on the events that led to the Mahele of 1848; oral traditions and stories of Kawaihapai, an ahupua'a of Waialua; the kingdom of Kauai; lei chants written for Queen Kapiolani; and entertainer John Adams Cummins. Also, Antonio Luis recalls his days as an interpreter on 1946 voyages bringing Filipino workers to the sugar plantations.


September 1996 Favorites


1. Aloha Bear and the Meaning of Aloha Dick Adair, Island Heritage (4)

2. The Goodnight Gecko Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading (1)

3. Three Whales Who Won the Heart of the World Suzanne Kita, Island Heritage (3)

4. Adventures of Aloha Bear and Maui the Whale Mark A. Wagenman, Island Heritage

5. Sand to Sea Stephanie Feeney and Ann Fielding, University of Hawai'i Press (10)

6. The Story of Aloha Bear Dick Adair, Island Heritage

7. The Stowaway Fairy in Hawaii Mary Koski, Island Heritage (9)

8. The Legend of the Laughing Gecko Bruce Hale, Geckostufs (5)

9. Hawaii Is a Rainbow Stephanie Feeney and Jeff Reese, University of Hawai'i Press

10. Gecko Hide and Seek Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading (2)

Gift and Travel

1. Scenic Hawaii Series Island Heritage (1)

2. Viewbook (series) Douglas Peebles, Hawaiian Resources (2)

3. From the Skies of Paradise (series) Glen Grant, Chris Cook, Tom Stevens and Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing

4. The Essential Guide to Maui Island Heritage (8)

5. Kauai, A Many Splendored Island Ronn Ronck and Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing

6. Hawaii Blossoms Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves, Island Heritage (3)

7. Kauai, The Garden Island Allan Seiden, Island Heritage (5)

8. Hawaii, The Aloha State Allan Seiden, Island Heritage

9. Tiny Treasures Mary Koski, Island Heritage

10. Fire in the Sea: An Anthology of Poetry and Art Sue Cowing, University of Hawai'i Press


1. (tie) The Past and the Punishments: Eight Stories by Yu Hua Yu Hua, University of Hawai'i Press

1. (tie) The Three-Inch Golden Lotus Feng Jicai, University of Hawai'i Press (1)

3. Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen Lydia Liliuokalani, Mutual Publishing H (7)

4. Hawaiian Mythology Martha Beckwith, University of Hawai'i Press (3)

5. Five Years on a Rock Milton Murayama, University of Hawai'i Press

6. All I Asking for Is My Body Milton Murayama, University of Hawai'i Press

7. Pouliuli Albert Wendt, University of Hawai'i Press

8. Myths and Legends of Hawaii W.D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing H (5)

9. Stories of Hawaii Jack London, Mutual Publishing H

10. The Betrayal of Liliuokalani Helena G. Allen, Mutual Publishing H (6)


1. Hawaiian Journey Joseph Mullins, Mutual Publishing (1)

2. Shoal of Time Gavan Daws, University of Hawai'i Press H (4)

3. Hawaiian Names English Names Eileen Root, Press Pacifica (2)

4. Ka Lei Ha 'Aheo: Beginning Hawaiian Alberta Hopkins, University of Hawai'i Press (7)

5. Na Mele O Hawaii Nei Samuel Elbert and Noelani Mahoe, University of Hawai'i Press (6)

6. Obake - Ghost Stories in Hawaii Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing

7. Pele - Goddess of Hawaiian Volcanoes Herb Kane, Kane Press (8)

8. (tie) Hawaii This 'N That LaRue W. Piercy, Mutual Publishing (10)

8. (tie) Hurricane Iniki Jim Borg, Mutual Publishing

10. Big Island History Makers LaRue W. Piercy, Mutual Publishing


1. New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary Mary Pukui and Samuel Elbert, University of Hawai'i Press

2. Hawaiian Dictionary (revised) Mary Pukui and Samuel Elbert, University of Hawai'i Press (3)

3. Chamorro-English Dictionary Donald Topping, Pedro Ogo and Bernadita Dungca, University of Hawai'i Press

4. Hawaii's Fishes: A Guide for Snorkelers, Divers and Aquarists John Hoover, Mutual Publishing (5)

5. The Food of Paradise: Exploring Hawaii's Culinary Heritage Rachel Laudan, University of Hawai'i Press

6. ABC (Alphabetically Based Computerized) Chinese-English Dictionary John DeFrancis, University of Hawai'i Press

7. Atlas of Hawaii O.A. Bushnell, Gavan Daws and Andrew Berger, Island Heritage (6)

8. Exotic Tropicals of Hawaii Angela Kay Kepler and Jacob R. Mau, Mutual Publishing (9)

9. The Hikers Guide to Oahu Stuart Ball Jr., University of Hawai'i Press

10. Hawaiian Almanac Clarice Taylor, Mutual Publishing

These are best-selling books in Hawaii during April 1996. Figures are courtesy of the Hawaii Book Publishers Association and Book-lines distributors, and reflect sales by Hawaii-based publishers. A star () denotes a title that has been on the market at least five years or more; a number in parenthesis indicates a title's previous ranking.

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