Letters to the Editor
Tuesday, October 22, 1996

Veterans support Swindle
because of shared ideals

Are the winds of political change blowing through Hawaii? The AJA veterans - l00th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and others - are endorsing Orson Swindle. I'm sure that more veterans' groups will follow. Why? Because most veterans hold a high sense of values.

One could go through a whole laundry list of issues in which veterans and the public stand on one side and Neil Abercrombie is on the other: same-sex marriage, deficit reduction, illegal immigrants, nationalized (socialized) health care and welfare reform. An examination of each would serve to demonstrate why we should support Swindle over Abercrombie.

Edwin M. Michael

Swindle insulted 442nd by
insinuating its support

The full-page ad, touting the support of Orson Swindle by AJA veterans, gave the impression that several veterans organizations - the 100th Battalion, the 442nd, the MIS and 1399 - all supported the candidacy of Swindle.

I object to this implication on the grounds that the 442nd Veterans Club, from its very inception more than 50 years ago, has never endorsed any candidate of any party. To imply that we support Orson Swindle is a sham.

Also, to use the phrase "Go For Broke" is a dishonor to the legacy of valor of those men who died on the battlefield to preserve justice, freedom and fair play.

As a member of the 442nd Veterans Club, I am mortified.

Ernest Uno

More assistance is needed
for family caregivers

We wish to thank the Star-Bulletin and Helen Altonn for the series, "Taking Care."* The public needs to let legislators know we want them to help these families. We have testified at the Legislature for many years in support of long-term care services, especially those helping family caregivers.

Last year, through Rep. Suzanne Chun Oakland, we testified in support of a bill that would have given a small stipend to family caregivers. This would have been especially helpful to those who had to give up their jobs to take care of family members. Unfortunately, this bill did not survive the Finance Committee, nor did other bills helping caregivers.

We hope, with reports that the economy is stabilizing, that the Legislature will be more open to this kind of support. In the long run, home-care delays higher cost institutionalization and state payments to Medicaid.

Laura G. Manis
AARP State Legislative Committee

*The series ran October 9, 10 and 11 and is available
in our online archive. -- Webmaster

Very few Asians populate
professional sports, arts

Let me respond to Harvey Hakoda's Oct. 4 letter to the editor ("AJA baseball league defies what Japanese fought for'') with the following questions:

1. Do you see Asians routinely playing professional baseball, basketball, football, or other sports in the United States?

2. Do you see Asians playing leading roles in the entertainment field in the United States?

3. Do you see Asians routinely competing in Miss America contests?

A. Yamanoha

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