By Dave Donnelly

Friday, October 18, 1996

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Bob Dole, Claire Hughes

Tired of debates, bridges, lawns

THEY can have all the debates they want from here on - I'm not watching. It was a tossup which was the more irritating, the waspish Bob Dole haggling about Indonesian campaign contributions while Bill Clinton was still constructing and honing that Bridge to the 21st Century we've been hearing so much about. It was a nice metaphor, but hey, Mr. President, give it up. We're tired of hearing about it. And as for Bob "Get off my lawn!" Dole, he's facing opposition from the oddest of places. Not just women seem turned off by him but Isaac Hayes as well. As the co-composer of "Soul Man," he told the GOP'ers to stop using the "Dole Man" knockoff of his song. Hayes said when he first heard the song, "I thought Dole pineapple or something had come through, and I knew if Dole pineapple had done something like that, it went through proper channels." Translation: He'd get paid! ...

BACK when the Oscar Awards show was on television, I remarked that the best part of the telecast, to my surprise and that of just about everyone else, was the "best sound" in a film award. That's because the tap-dancing group "Stomp" re-created movie sounds live on stage while the visuals we saw in the films were shown on screens in the auditorium. If a door was slammed on screen, one of the "Stomp" members slammed a prop door on stage. Footsteps of the "Stomp"ers mirrored those of actors on the screen. It was a joyous moment in an otherwise mind-dulling program. Well, now "Stomp" is coming to Hawaii, and an announcement of when they'll perform will be made next Wednesday at the Hawaii Theatre ...

ONE person who'll be thrilled that "Stomp," which stars Savion Glover on Broadway, will be coming to Honolulu is isle musician Herb Kealoha. The former accompanist to singer Margaret Whiting, Kealoha asked me at Jimmy Borges' Cafe Picasso appearance last week if I'd heard of the group. He'd just returned from New York where he was so taken by it that he saw the show twice. Stay tuned for details ...

Dinner theater on the beach

FORMER Hollywood promoter Shep Gordon has become a full-fledged Maui resident but he still does things with a Malibu flair. This week he threw a little dinner for famed French chef Roger Verge, on Maui to make some kitchen appearances this weekend at the Kea Lani Hotel with local chef Sam Choy. Rather than do all the work himself, however, Shep called on some friends, namely chefs Roy Yamaguchi, David Paul, Mark Ellman, Peter Merriman, Beverly Gannon and Thai chef Jim Smigelski. Each prepared a dish of his or her choice and some 80 people gathered at Gordon's Wailea beach home to enjoy a feast fit for, well, a fine French chef. And what entertainment could be more appropriate than a one-man play on the life of Escoffier, perhaps the best known gourmet in the history of France. Gordon flew in actor Owen Rackleff who's been performing the play - which he wrote - for the past 15 years. Wouldn't you just kill to get an invite to a dinner like that ...

SPEAKING of fine food, Alan Wong greeted Baltimore Orioles pitching star Sid Fernandez at his restaurant for dinner the other night. The Hawaii-born product was celebrating his birthday, so don't give him any grief about watching his weight, always a sore subject between El Sid and various teams over the years ...

To Molokai with Aloha

STATE nutrition chief Claire Hughes is taking her "Breakfast of Champions" project to Molokai Monday, thanks to the largess of Aloha Airlines. The program showcases Hawaii Olympians and they talk to school kids about nutrition as a part of achieving championship performances - in or out of the sports arena ... I'm also off, only not for Molokai and not in search of nutrition. I'm heading back to my other favorite city, San Francisco, as soon as I cast my absentee vote today. Let's hope you all do likewise - not fly to San Francisco, but exercise your right to vote. See you next month. Aloha ...

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