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Tuesday, August 27, 1996

Green expects to play for UH

Ryan Green never left the field, despite numerous reports of his pending ineligibility.

"Even though it was hard sometimes, I kept practicing last week believing that I would still be able to play this year," the transfer from the University of Pacific said before yesterday's practice.

"I don't want to say I'm definitely back because it could still all blow up in my face, but it looks good for me to be on the field this Saturday against Boston College."

If the interpretation of the rules by the University of Hawaii is correct, Green will definitely be playing against the Eagles.

UH athletic director Hugh Yoshida reviewed Green's case yesterday and said the senior will be back if a chancellor at Pacific agrees with UH's findings.

"Ryan has a doctor stating that he couldn't be in school from Nov. 23 until Jan. 10 because of a severe case of hepatitis," Yoshida said yesterday afternoon. "That means he missed his final exams last year and shouldn't be held accountable for that semester's work."

The Big West Conference ruled against Green last week by stating that semester should count toward his eligibility clock.

NCAA rules require athletes to have completed at least 50 percent of their credits in their major after six semesters. Green won't meet that requirement if the Big West Conference's ruling stands.

"If that happens, we'll take it to the next level," Yoshida said. "We'll file an injunction in court if we have to."

Green already has an attorney in place, but said he hoped it wouldn't come to that.

"I just hope this all ends here and I can start thinking about playing football again," Green said. "I don't want all this hard work to go for nothing."


Boston College was due to land at Honolulu Airport today at 3:45 p.m.

According to school officials, Boston College is the farthest Division I school to the east and Hawaii is the farthest to the west.

The trip is nearly 5,500 miles one way, and will take Boston College a half-day to get here. The Eagles were due to leave Boston today at midnight Hawaii time.

They have one stop in Atlanta before departing on the nine-hour, 4,502-mile leg to the islands. Once here, Boston College head coach Dan Henning will hold a practice at Aloha Stadium.

The Eagles will then go to the Turtle Bay Hilton and hold their remaining practices at Kahuku High School.

"They're coming in early to try to adjust to the time change, but that's tough to do in only a few days," vonAppen said. "It's a six-hour time change from here to Boston. We also hope it's really a hot one come Saturday."


There were only a half-dozen players wearing red rehabilitation jerseys for yesterday's first practice at newly remodeled Cooke Field.

Not among them was top offensive lineman Shane Oliveira, who is battling a bad back. He said yesterday he felt much better and would be ready to play against Boston College.

The field was in excellent shape, and should help reduce ankle and shoulder injuries that have plagued the Rainbows in recent years.

"It's a lot better to fall on soft grass than hard mud," vonAppen said. "We need to stay in the best shape that we can. We actually exited two-a-days in fine shape as far as injuries are concerned."


VonAppen announced yesterday that this would probably be the last Monday practice of the season.

"NCAA rules state that we must give the guys one full day off," vonAppen said. "We believe we can review films on Sunday, and then let them heal on Monday."

Former UH head coach Bob Wagner used to give the Rainbows Sunday off, but as vonAppen put it, "Bob's no longer here."

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