You Make The Call

Friday, August 9, 1996

Some responses to our last call-in question:

Do you think the OIA's rule to penalize players for using profanity is realistic or even enforceable?

Cyrus Lutz Honolulu "A good rule, but highly unrealistic. For the refereees, it's hard enough to call the game without having to listen to what everybody says. It will be very difficult to enforce."

Nicholas Baca, Waianae "What is the OIA trying to do? Make the football players a bunch of panties? This is a man's sport. Let the kids be men, not wussies. I think it's totally unenforceable. And what's the definition of a cuss word? Jesus Christ can be a cuss word. So I think it's ridiculous."

Rene Otaguro, Kaneohe"I think this rule will be hard to enforce, but I'm glad that it will be enforced. The school that I support has had an incident of this nature. In a subtle way, it targets domestic violence, because if children see their role models out of control, it is fostering that kind of violence."

Robbie Gouveia, Kaneohe "Yes, they should penalize players for swearing. If young kids like me hear it, they'll start to use it, too."

Shayna Caparoz, Honolulu "It is a great policy. They should enforce it for other sports, too.

Tom Loomis, Kaimuki "OIA teams will need specialized training and ventriloquism, so that by throwing their voices they can make it seem as though it is the other team that is using profanity. I applaud this latest wrinkle in sports."

Nelson Tamashiro, Kaneohe "Is there a list of words that is classified as profanity? Why limit it to the players and coaches? How about the fans? Will the OIA have an official roam the stands to curtail swearing? Can you imagine a crucial TD being called back late in the game because an official heard a player use profanity?"

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