Letters to the Editor
Monday, August 12, 1996

Epilepsy support group
seeks out new members

We have heard of the closing of the office of the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii. As individuals with this condition, we know the majority of people with epilepsy did not seek out the services of the agency.

Rather, they primarily rely on health professionals. However, even the most competent health professionals cannot meet all the needs of persons with epilepsy.

Epilepsy still remains "in the closet" and is kept secret by many. This is where support groups can contribute in significant ways. Together, many individuals with epilepsy can get together to share and learn many ways to live healthier, more productive and happier lives.

This is an opportunity for those of you who either have epilepsy or know someone with epilepsy to help in a grass-root effort to form a support group.

If you wish to participate, we welcome you.

Amy Mizuno
Debbie Imada
Claude Heon

Hannemann merits kudos
for his work in Council

Art Mori's July 26 letter criticizing City Councilmember Mufi Hannemann over the Camp Kailua issue was off base and represented the sentiment of a frustrated but vocal minority.

Hannemann took issue with Democratic Chairman Richard Port's statement that legislation which he and Councilmember John Henry Felix had introduced, rescinding the city's cabin camping policy, was "the worst piece of legislation" he had ever seen. Port had the audacity to go so far as to compare the legislation to a repeal of the civil-rights legislation or, I believe, the women's suffrage movement.

Get a grip, Mr. Port!

Mufi is a politician who tells it like it is. He is a no-nonsense elected official and had every right to challenge Port's accusations and the stance of the Democratic Party.

Hannemann is one of Hawaii's brightest stars, and a true leader on the City Council.

He has shown the courage to take on critical issues such as Camp Kailua, and has not shied away from controversy.

Frances Leilani

Threatened trade sanctions
weaken foreign relations

According to your August 5 front page, President Clinton has decided - on evidence some would consider unclear - that Iran and Libya are the "two . . . most dangerous supporters of terrorism in the world," and that trade with them must be avoided by everybody else.

Not long ago, Clinton signed the Helms-Burton bill threatening sanctions against those that deal with Cuba, the little country 90 miles from the U.S. that dares to be non-capitalist. Countries that have been our friends object to such arrogant disregard of their right to control their own foreign policies.

Our government should stop trying to dictate to other nations and begin to practice decent, open discussion and cooperation.

David Mielke

Do you believe Dole's promise
to cut taxes?

Bob Dole says that this election is about "Who do you believe?" Dole says that he's going to cut your taxes by 15 percent and still balance the federal budget.

I would like to ask the readers a simple question: How many of you think, if we elect Bob Dole president, that you are actually going to see that 15 percent tax cut?

Marc Perkel
Springfield, Mo.

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