Letters to the Editor
Friday, August 9, 1996

Lawyer-bashing isn't funny
even on the comics page

Your cartoon strip, "The Wizard of Id," sometimes can be very humorous with its cute character drawings and styling. However, too frequently the comic's content is based on a low form of humor.

That includes ridiculing people because of their height, ethnicity and profession - including stereotypical unethical lawyer jokes, such as the one on July 24 which alluded to lawyers as thieves.

One of your news articles last year analyzed why a popular lawyer from Hawaii was gunned down by a distraught person in San Francisco.

It was mentioned that one factor might have been too much public demeaning of lawyers.

Attorneys help to safeguard our justice system and thus our society. Many community-responsible lawyers do outstanding work in many fields of endeavor, including preserving the environment and consumer product safety, and protecting the innocent.

Please pass this concern on to the "Wizard of Id" story line writers, and request that they attempt to upgrade their humor.

Edward Arrigoni

Stop bombarding film fans
with ads on the screens

My wife and I sat in the semi-darkened theater, anxiously awaiting the feature presentation.

However, instead of the usual music and collage of various movie industry tidbits on the screen, we were subjected to a number of overt advertisements for some local businesses.

These commercials were rotated, and we saw the same screens three times within a 30-minute period!

We can appreciate theater management wanting to make use of this down time, however, we object to paying for this "privilege."

We are constantly bombarded with propaganda throughout the day and night. Perhaps if movie-goers who appreciate a few quiet minutes prior to a film were NOT to patronize the businesses that advertise, we would be able to enjoy that which we came to see - a good film.

W. Philip Kau

Hawaii's Future Today
is neither a PAC nor bigoted

Letter writer Jim Grise (Aug. 5) doesn't like Hawaii's Future Today (HFT). Judging from his description of the organization, that may be because he doesn't know us very well.

He labels this grassroots coalition a political action committee. It isn't.

Grise also attributes HFT's motives to "bigotry" and "blind prejudice." If he read our mission statement and any of the numerous articles, letters and testimonies authored by our members, he would know that we oppose all social and economic experiments that threaten our state's social fabric and quality of life.

Certainly, anything that undermines the status of traditional marriage, including same-sex marriage, would fall into this category.

Grise's comments notwithstanding, the membership of HFT supports efforts to end harassment of homosexuals and to provide them equal protection under the law. In fact, HFT members recognize the civil rights of all people.

However, same-sex marriage is not a civil rights issue.

Debi Hartmann
Chairwoman, Hawaii's Future Today

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