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Friday, August 2, 1996

Some responses to our last call-in question:

Should Carl Lewis be added as a late substitute to the U.S. men's 4x100 meter relay team in the Olympics?

Scott Terna, Kaneohe: "No one heard about Leroy Burrell being 'hurt' until Carl Lewis made his pitch. I think it's bad. It could be a fake injury. It's a disgrace. I'm firmly convinced Lewis is trying to buy his way into immortality."

Caroline Kratz, Kaneohe: "No. He had that opportunity, but he turned it down. We have other people on the team who have worked hard to be alternates. They should be given a chance."

James Kaleo, Waipahu: "Carl Lewis should be in, because he has more experience than any of them and he has a chance to make a record for America."

Manny Perez, Wahiawa: "He shouldn't be on the relay team. The Olympics are for sending the best team from each country against each other. Carl Lewis is not the best runner to put in the relay. It's not putting our best team in. Why should one person get all the glory? I think it's wrong."

Aaron Foster, Sunset Beach: "Leave the spot for another athlete. He's already recognized as one of the best. Let another athlete enjoy the glory."

Thomas Patallotoc, Nanakuli: "Of course he should be in! He made U.S. track and field what it is today."

Bill Fuson, Honolulu:

"Old King Carl was a merry old soul,
and he called for his relay team.
But when he went to run,
there was no one to share in his fun,
so he ran off alone into the sun."

Sasha Nitta, Aiea: "I don't think he should be put on the team, partly because the other team members have a negative attitude toward him because of the situation."

Hurley Griffing, Kaneohe: "Only as a last resort. If his only avenue to the Olympics had been the relay, he would have never made it on the Olympic team."

Kevin Oda, Honolulu: "No, the Olympics are about sportsmanship. If Carl Lewis is allowed to run, it's about greed."

Francis Meyer, Kailua: "No. It would be a bad mark for the U.S. team."

Jack Clayton, Honolulu: "I'd love to see Carl Lewis break the Olympic record for gold medals, but not at the expense of some poor guy who worked his tail off just to make the Olympics himself. And, besides, didn't he come in 'butt-naked' last in the trials?"

James Loo, Makiki: "Absolutely not. If you were on the team would you give up your spot? What if it were your child? Isn't America about fairness?"

Tiff Wells, Kailua: "I think Carl Lewis should be on the 4x100 relay, because if he won a gold medal it would be unprecedented."

Gordon Cheng, Salt Lake: "It's time for the younger guys who have an Olympic dream. Also, Lewis has a paucity of speed."

Bernard Dunham, Punchbowl: "Of course not. If the U.S. coach lets Carl run, what's next? Mark Spitz coming out of retirement to swim on the U.S. relay team in the Sydney Olympics so he can win his 10th gold? One more gold medal won't make Carl the greatest track star ever. He's already the greatest Olympian track star ever."

John Green, Aiea: "These Olympics are supposed to be the advertising of the American track and field athletes. And what better way to advertise the American track and field than to put the greatest track and field athlete since Jesse Owens, if not ever, in to win an unprecedented 10th goal medal."

Von Wysard, Manoa: "Dwight Stones said Carl winning 10 gold medals will help promote track and field. Carl has helped to promote track and field for years. His fourth gold medal in the long jump was an incredible feat at the age of 35. However, the one event in track and field that requires teamwork is the relay. Carl has never been a team player. I disagree with Dwight Stones. Carl's possibility of winning 10 gold medals would not help promote track and field, it would help promote selfishness."

Tommy Lake, Kailua: "First of all, he did not train with the team. His 100 is not that good. Unless they have nobody else, he should not be allowed to run."

Bob Vierra, Kaneohe: "He should be given the opportunity, if his times are equal to the alternates."

Randall Fong, Honolulu: "It looks like a big ego trip for Carl Lewis. Instead of thinking about what's best for the team, he's thinking about what he wants. Show him the door out."

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