Wood Craft

By Ben Wood

Saturday, July 27, 1996

Ho's a good thug in
'Joe's Apartment'

Don Ho
DON HO looks good playing a slick bad guy in cockroach infested "Joe's Apartment." Kimo McVay, of roach racing fame and who owned Duke Kahanamoku's where Don became famous, is in Seventh Heaven. But there should have been more Ho and less roach. One of Don's three scenes, his main one, in which he speaks some Hawaiian, was cut. However, the smooth Ho magic is there although his time on screen is brief. The animated stunts by the talking and singing roaches, including a huge song and dance number in a dirty toilet bowl, are incredible. But many scenes are totally gross. The picture should be entitled "Gross." Station 97.5 The Edge presented Thursday night's showing at the Varsity Theater ...

DON'S MOM, Honey Ho, was at the Varsity, looking beautiful at 84. Three of Don's children - Dondi, Dori and Dwight - also attended as did a bunch of his grandchildren. Honey said it's "terrific" that Don's in a movie. "You know with Don, anything goes, right?" ... The parents of Megan Ward, the female lead in "Joe's," and parents of Joe's co-producer Bonni Lee were at the show... The Songwriters' Guild of America represented Martin Denny in getting a settlement from Warners Bros. over Marty's composition, "Firecrackers." Part of the song was dubbed over and used in "Joe's" in a rap song called "De La Funky Towell," performed by De La Soul. Marty and wife June were at the screening. "They bastardized my version," said Denny ...

DENZEL Washington should get an Academy Award Best Actor nomination for his brilliant performance in the powerful Gulf War drama, "Courage Under Fire." The film should also get a Best Picture nomination. It's a splendidly crafted film that builds to an emotionally moving climax. But what's Meg Ryan doing portraying a cussing, hard-nosed, blood-and-guts copter commander who guns down Iraqis like a killing machine? I know a woman or two who could fit that role but not Meg. She's a sweetheart and should be sleeping in Seattle somewhere. Hawaii's Bob Apisa has a part as an Iraqi tank commander...

Mike Chun
ABOUT 400 people gathered at Washington Place last Saturday for the 53rd birthday party of Mike Chun, Kamehameha Schools president. Mike's Class of '61 classmates honored him. Chun's close friend, Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano, was the lone speaker and announced Mike's class was adding more than $20,000 to a college scholarship fund for Kamehameha students. Kekumano got a laugh when he said even though Chun's classmates knew he was part-Chinese, they never dreamed he would serve on the boards of Bank of Hawaii and A&B...

THE TEXAS Rock 'n' Roll Sushi bar had its official opening Thursday night in the Hyatt Waikiki. Western food and sushi are offered. Line dancing, live country music, top 40 tunes, karaoke and other entertainment are spread through the week. Hotel G.M. Paul Tang, who went to UH's Travel Industry Management School more than 20 years ago, was among Thursday night's crowd, as was Mai Tai Sing, who is in the hotel's Ciao Mein eatery. Since the new joint is in the old Trappers spot that Mai Tai ran for 15 years, many guests thought she was in charge. Not so, pardner ...

New Isle Hall of Fame picks

HAUNANI Kahalewai, Alvin Isaacs Sr., Sonny Cunha, Sol Hoopii and Mekia Kealakai will be inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame at Washington Place on Sept. 5 ... The swinging Savoy Sisters - Rose Marie Barbee!, Shari Lynn and Annie MacLachlan - will be singing with the Fascinatin' Rhythm Trio Sunday night at Manoa Valley Theatre, 8 p.m. Shari will be singing Broadway jazz with Abe Weinstein's Trio at MVT Monday at 8 p.m. ... Congrats to local kids Ryan Rumbaugh and Janel Parrish for landing roles in "Les Miserables," playing at the Concert Hall Sept. 11-28 ...

Ben Wood, who sold the Star-Bulletin in the streets of downtown Honolulu during World War II, writes of people, places and things every Saturday.

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