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Monday, July 1, 1996

What are the Seven Wonders of Hawaii?

Let us hear from you

T. Shimazu of Pearl City wants to know - what were the Seven Wonders of the World, either natural or man-made, either ancient or modern?

Well, when you're talking Wonders, you speak Greek. The ancient Greeks devised a list of must-sees around the world (which, in their case, extended only to where Iraq is today). A complete person needed to behold these wonders with their own eyeballs as part of life's education process. These Wonders are generally accepted as:

There you go. But this got us thinking. The Greeks never made it to Hawaii. What would the Seven Wonders of Hawaii be? Diamond Head?

H-3? Iolani Palace? The Bluebird Drive-In in Pearl City?

We'll ask this question for the next month or so, and you guys out there send suggestions to "Wat Dat Wonders" at the address or numbers below. We'll add them up and figure out what the Seven Wonders of Hawaii are. Even if they were looted by English scholars.

By Burl Burlingame, Star-Bulletin

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