Monday, June 17, 1996

Name: Carl H. Crown
Age: 48
Education: University of Florida; George Washington University
Occupation: Coast Guard officer
Hobbies: Sports; family

Maintaining his Guard

Carl Crown has lived in practically every region of the United States over the last 26 years.

"It was a lot of fun when there was just my wife and I, but now, I guess as you get older, or certainly as you have kids, you get a little more particular about where you want to move," he said.

Moving around has made it easier for him and his wife to decide where they plan to retire - well, almost.

His wife adored Seattle, but the Coast Guard captain and Florida-native wants nothing more than to move back to the Sunshine State.

The two have compromised and are looking at settling in central California or northern Arizona because it's not too hot and not as rainy.

But that won't be for at least another four years. Crown is in the middle of an assignment in Hawaii and was recently put in charge of the Integrated Support Command Honolulu, the guard's maintenance and logistic support for the Pacific.

He chose a life in the Guard after growing up near a station in South Florida.

"I was just kind of always interested in the Coast Guard and what they did," he said. "I just really like the humanitarian mission."

He also liked the size.

The guard has about 35,000 active duty members, which has made the moving a bit easier.

"You'll always find someone you've come across before," he said.

Despite its size, Crown said the Coast Guard should be more than an afterthought when people think of branches of the military.

They can be found even in states where there is no coast.

"You'll be out in the middle of nowhere and there'll be a Coast Guard emblem out there pointing you to a place and there'll be 10 people there," he said.

Star-Bulletin staff

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