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Friday, May 31, 1996

Time for city to focus on Makalena course

The city administration is to be commended for providing the public with the much-needed courses at West Loch and Ewa, even if they may be difficult for seniors to walk.

Now can the city return to the easy-to-walk but much-neglected Makalena and install a full-time manager who can bring the course up to par, or at least bogey?


VonAppen is comparing apple and oranges

Concerning the story by Paul Arnett (May 21, on Prop. 42 athletes), Coach Fred vonAppen was quoted as saying, "How many non-qualifiers did Northwestern have in this year's Rose Bowl?"

Well, this is comparing apples and oranges.

The Big 10 over the past several years has been raising its academic requirements to the point that many now believe it has affected its competitiveness with conferences in the east, south and central states, whose admission requirements are based on how far you can throw a football and how well you can dribble a basketball. The University of Hawaii is recruiting against WAC schools that have lowered admission standards and have at best mediocre and at worst shameful graduation rates.

Bob Wagner's argument on non-qualifiers was clearly misrepresented. Wagner wanted to make available one or two spots a year to blue-chip local athletes and give them a chance to attend UH. Wagner also promoted the notion that local high schools need to better prepare local athletes to attend college.

When the recruiting season begins next year, reality will hit Coach vonAppen like a brick wall. And remember, Hugh Yoshida has now let it be known that winning is almost everything.


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