Letters to the Editor
Thursday, June 6, 1996

Healthy Start program
is model for nation

Last Saturday's coverage on Stand for Children and Healthy Families America did not mention that the Hawaii Healthy Start program was the impetus and model for this national movement.

Healthy Start is a tremendously successful program which provides support for new parents, particularly those under major life stresses. It has enabled many young families to get a new start in life, to be more self-sufficient and more skilled in parenting their young children.

But for all its success, the Healthy Start program is in trouble.

Last year, due to major cuts in state funding, only 25 percent of families in need of service were able to be enrolled. Further cuts will mean major reductions in numbers of families served, and most likely in the number of communities which can be served.

There has been major interest in many sectors of the community to see that this program reaches all infants and toddlers at risk across the state.

We are sure that Governor Cayetano understands this well, and will make a good decision.

Shirleyanne Chew

New Democrats have
revitalized the party

I read with some amusement the comments by state Republicans that the Democrats are out of touch and that the GOP is now the people's party.

For years, there was talk of the good ol' boys running Hawaii's politics. Well, starting two years ago with the election of Rainbow Coalition member Richard Port as state Democratic chairman, to the recent convention where a clean sweep was made of all offices, it can hardly be said that there are any good ol' boys left in the Democratic Party.

There has been change in every office - even in our Democratic National Committee members.

The Democratic platform calls for planned development, environmental protection, public access, civil rights protection, and access to the party by ALL people. The Democratic Party represents voters of all races, genders and economic levels. I challenge the Republican Party to do the same.

I am proud to say I am a Democrat.

Miles H. Mulcahy
Honaunau, Hawaii

Waialua needs help
to survive and grow

The end of sugar at Waialua will cause many social problems and will test the adequacy of our present economic system to resolve the problems of its community.

A dead-end situation of plant closure and unavailable replacement of job opportunities can present a crushing effect on the morale of its people.

One thing is obvious: The business-as-usual mentality must be discarded and novel plans must be instituted to meet this present crisis.

Unless the state rises to meet this challenge, Waialua will be more than a distressed town. It will become a criminal town.

Harold Shin

Impose curfew on thugs,
not upstanding citizens

Will my kids be picked up for violating the 9 p.m. curfew if they are on their way to a midnight basketball game? Both the curfew and the game are supported by President Clinton.

Seriously, by imposing a curfew we are just surrendering our streets to the criminals.

I have a better idea: Put the criminals in jail where they belong and allow the law-abiding citizens to be able to go to the store at night.

Larry Symons

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