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By John Berger,
Special to the Star-Bulletin

Friday, May 24, 1996

Listen to more dissin' from Da Geek

So So Haolefied: Jimmy Da Geek, (One Love Records) CD & cassette

JIMMY Da Geek first surfaced as a recording artist with Lanai-Boyee and Alan "Da Cruzah" Oda when they were disc jockeys at I-94. They recorded as the 3 Local Boyz. Their big hit, "Me So Hungry," was a parody of 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny." Lanai is still an I-94 air personality and recording artist; he and Augie T are the 2 Local Boyz. "Da Cruzah" has become a radio programming exec; he is also at I-94. Da Geek now works at KQMQ.

Da Geek's new album is a team project with Kutmaster Spaz a k a K-Spaz) - also formerly of I-94. The disc is the most aggressive local rap album since SKI-103's "Kickin' Flava in the Five-0" and the best cuts off "Unity Mix 4."

It is also a dead-on parody of the pseudo-gangsta, black-wannabe affectations of most local rappers and the local hip hop scene.

It's rare for local artists to "diss" someone directly on disc. Da Geek and K-Spaz do on "Geek Day." If the duo wants attention, they've got it. It's a safe bet hell will freeze over before Oda asks either of them back to I-94.

The rest of the album consists of song parodies and semi-comic vignettes in the familiar Local Boyz style, but the music tracks are more substantial. The songs are relatively timely take-offs on Dr. Dre, Naughty By Nature, Coolio, Tupac Shakur, Heavy D & The Boyz and Right Said Fred ("I'm Too Sexy" becomes "I'm Too Haole"). The lyrics offer perceptive and accurate accounts of Da Geek's experiences growing up here. "Honolulu Love" reworks Tupac's hit into a song that should become a cruisers' anthem.

"Posers" is a perfect satire of the radio spots run by nightclubs on stations with a heavy 16-to-24 age local and military audience. It also contains a reference to a club that Da Geek and/or K-Spaz evidently don't like. These guys must be working out a lot of hostility!

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